We put the fan industry through another revolution.

Breezalit; the name that’s backed by years of PAINTAKING of relentless research, an abyss ocean of rich imagination.

Only to bring out ‘the largest ever range of decorative fans for the first time ‘all in a novel concept ,which will revolutionize the fan industry of India. And put in many happy years ahead;

Making a fan that‘s efficient reliable as well a beautiful decorative addition to your furniture and interior decore isn’t easy or inexpensive. The expertise and dedication of BREEZALIT’S engineers designers and CRAFTMEN is reflected in the exciting dynamic of the fan styling as well as superb overall performance.

BREEZALIT fan ,fan however is fan more than a state –of –art cooling device . It’s a design feature expressed in glittering gold and crystal sparkle. Look closely at the details on the gold plated components, glossy painted expression on the surface. NOTICE the sparkle of etched glass shades. Then imagine the comfort and beauty BREEZALIT fan will add to your home.

So bring the comfort and beauty of a breezalit fan to your home you will feel proude you selected India’s finest ceiling fan.