Bravat, born in the town of technological innovations, Black Forest, Baden- Wuerttemberg has been a trendsetter when it comes to bathroom solutions. Bravat is based in Germany, the land of Mercedes, Porsche and Bosch.
Bravat works under the parent company IDD Group was launched in India in 2012. With 22 R&Ds well-spread across the globe, this brand has been reputed for innovative creations that blend their German state-of-art and technology to cater customer fascinations. Commencing from designs, renovation and preciseness to quality of products, they excel in every aspect which is the reason their presence is stronger in prestigious residences like Hyatt, Sofitel etc.

Dedicated to offer their users an ultimate bathroom experience, their wide product ranges are like Faucets, Bathtubs, Ceramics, Shower cubicles and other washroom furnishings. The fact that every designs of their s are result of rigorous research work blending technological advancements and design marvels have enabled them to pioneer in several technologies like rust free, touch operations, PVDF finish, self-operated aerators, chromo-therapy, high density ceramic with Nano coated etc.

India being a significant market for Bravat, their continuous effort is to renovate Indian Bathroom technologies in a hope to receive appreciation and acceptance from their users. In the long run, Bravat is all set to lead the Indian Bathroom Furnishing Industry.