BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS have been formed in 2017 to offer an Economical and Pioneering IT in Kerala, India.

BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS is known for its remarkable flexibility when it comes to delivering Information and communications technology (ICT) and Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and support. Our experienced and professionally trained engineers are capable of understanding your complex business needs to offer you the best and tailored ICT and ERP solution which comprehends your operating business environment.

BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS is one of the Top South india Technology Solutions Consultancy providers open to domestic as well as international markets. For us each project is a challenge and completing the same within specified time frame and the client's satisfaction is the final goal.

Whether you are facing a challenge specific to your business or an industry-wide change, our systems integration services mean you can tap in to our experience and world-class processes to get a tailored, end-to-end integrated solution for your business, thanks to our systematic, services-led approach.

From business transformation solutions to bringing to market your integrated technology solutions efficiently and with quality service execution, we offer a portfolio of consulting, software, products and services that can be custom-fit to meet your needs

BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS focuses on helping businesses to create an impact on their business by adding value.No matter the workflow or complexity of the team structure or that of a task or that of a business, BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS aims at enhancing the business with effective solutions.


To lead in the various avenues of technology solution , implement novel ideas in project development and deliver cost effective and required solutions to its prospective clients.

  • Partnering with various clients help in bringing fresh ideas into the firm ensuring our youth in innovation, thus improving our quality standards accompanied with growth in the business productivity.
  • Being a trustworthy and fair business partner.
  • Maintaining and upgrading the quality of work and motivating people to constantly deliver work to client's satisfaction.


To earn technology solution provider, by building and maintaining long lasting relationship with people and technology and deliver technology solution and excellent services.

We believe nothing works like networking. We ensure an excellent relationship with our internal and external team; our employees and our clients. At Brain Tech, team building and close interaction transcends our potential to assist and improve our business productivity and growth. We take Customer and client satisfaction as an opportunity to express leadership and deliver valuable services. Through expression of transparency and commitment towards our work team and work, we have successfully been able to create an excellent environment within and across the company.


We cherish and nurture our values and interactions with all our employees and clients. We have high regards for individual value which creates a transparent atmosphere ensuring outstanding teamwork and rapport, built within the company. We promise to live up to our values.

Our values reflect in:

  • Bonding relationship with clients
  • Client Intimacy
  • Confidentiality with respect to work
  • Reflective atmosphere
  • Integrity expressed
  • Independent business objectives

Annual Maintenance Contract

A repair all of a sudden might prove expensive and going in for an Annual Maintenance Contract can be beneficial. There are however, certain things that you must know about these contracts before you actually get into one.

There are two types of Annual Maintenance Contracts:

  • 1.Comprehensive AMCs and
  • 2.Non comprehensive/Call basis AMCs.

COMPREHENSIVE AMCS are again divided into two parts

AMCs can also be divided into ?On site? and ?Carry-in? AMCs. Under ?On-site AMCs? the service engineers themselves come to your residence or office and do the repairs or carry the defective piece with them to the workshop and bring it back when it is repaired. Under ?carry-in? contracts, you have to carry the faulty machine to their service centre and get it repaired.

You don?t need to be a computer geek to know whether to go in for a comprehensive or a non-comprehensive AMC. You can do a quick calculation on the number of times there have been breakdowns or hardware problems in the past and then make a decision. For all you know, going in for a non-comprehensive AMC might prove to be a lot more economical. As the machine gets older and starts to give more problems or hiccoughs, AMCs become more economical. Usually all machines come with at least a one year warranty where all repairs costs of labour and parts are at the cost of the seller.

On Call Support

OnCall Services provides fee-based computer support to individual faculty, staff, and students, as well as to University departments who need occasional or one-time support. Our staff will come to your campus office, or for a reduced fee you can bring your computer to our campus offices.

  • Diagnose and troubleshoot almost any computer problem
  • Proactive system security checkups and updates
  • Setup and installation of new machines
  • Install and upgrade Mac and Windows operating systems
  • Install and troubleshoot Stanford-supported applications or licensed third-party applications (you supply the license)
  • Add peripherals such as printers or scanners
  • Help protect and backup important data
  • Remove prying spyware and contain virus outbreaks
  • PDA setup and configuration
  • Project work, such as computer upgrades or departmental moves

IT Security

Computer security is security applied to computing devices such as computers and smartphones, as well as computer networks such as private and public networks, including the whole Internet. The field includes all the processes and mechanisms by which digital equipment, information and services are protected from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction, and is of growing importance due to the increasing reliance of computer systems in most societies.

Countermeasures can be put in place in order to increase the security of data. Some of these measures include, but are not limited to, access control, awareness training, audit and accountability, risk assessment, penetration testing, vulnerability management, and security assessment and authorization.

With the rapid technological advances, increased market pressures and growing sophistication in security threats, businesses in today?s world are expected to be constantly vigilant and preemptive. Our highly experienced and qualified security professionals at BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS leverage decades of experience, deep industry knowledge and business-process know-how to protect your business against threats and minimize risks. In today's world, its widely accepted that the organizations can improve productivity and business growth and increase customer trust only by implementing comprehensive security solutions and protecting information and systems from threats and attacks.

BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS , after understanding in detail your business needs, offers a complete package of security solutions ranging from formulating security strategy for business, Network security and design, Email and Web Security, Network Audit & Monitoring, Endpoint control and security services. BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS;s solutions help you mitigate data damage risks and solve your security challenges.

Office Automation

Have a retail, restaurant, commercial office project or conference room? We can do them all! We offer products and services in the commercial realm for Distributed Audio/Video, Lighting and HVAC control, CCTV/Access control, Board room and conference room displays and control, voice and data network wiring and infrastructure. Contact one of our commercial specialists today to get started. We also offer consulting services to design all of your low voltage projects.

BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS allow you to automate the working of various components of a building. this includes lights, air conditioners, curtains, audio ? video devices, access controls and security. Smart solutions are implemented with the aim of adding convenience to your lifestyle, comfort of centralized control, efficient power consumption and enhanced security.

A Office automation system embeds into the existing electrical system in a simplified manner thus allowing the smart devices to communicate with the electrical devices.

Building Management System is an automated system that monitors the buildings? mechanical and electrical equipment for comfort, safety and efficiency. The major services provided by BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS include:

  • Lighting Control System
  • Guest Room Management System
  • Home Automation Systems
  • Green Building Management Systems

The BMS normally comprises of Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Trace heating, Access Control Systems, Electric Power Control and other engineering systems. The major benefits of this automated system are listed below:

  • Increasing levels of comfort
  • Effective use of maintenance staff
  • Centralized monitoring/control of the building
  • Early detection of any problems
  • Individual room control
  • Energy saver system

BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS has tied up with Honeywell to offer the best BMS at an affordable rate. Beyond this, we do integrate HVAC systems, Lighting solutions, Security systems and Life safety systems without sacrificing on efficiency and productivity.

Office Setup and Relocation

Anyone who has projected managed an office move will know that planning is key. Many relocation companies do not have expertise in moving and reconnecting IT equipment. This could have a significant impact on the success of the overall relocation project. Speed communication has an elite team of IT relocation experts to ensure that your IT equipment is ready to be used by your employees following your office move.

Moving is hard of work: from working with the moving company, to the new office layout, to moving furniture, to moving ..... you get the picture. Have take the technology aspect of moving off of your extremely full table. Our trained professionals will come to your business to evaluate your inventory, evaluate your internet and voice circuits, discuss your requirements, and can assist in all the aspects of your move.

Project Management

This recognition is seen through increased marketability to employers and higher salary; according to the PMI Project Management Salary Survey?Eighth Edition, certification positively impacts project manager salaries.

1. Project conception and initiation

An idea for a project will be carefully examined to determine whether or not it benefits the organization. During this phase, a decision making team will identify if the project can realistically be completed.

2. Project definition and planning

A project plan, project charter and/or project scope may be put in writing, outlining the work to be performed. During this phase, a team should prioritize the project, calculate a budget and schedule, and determine what resources are needed.

3. Project launch or execution

Resources' tasks are distributed and teams are informed of responsibilities. This is a good time to bring up important project related information.

4. Project performance and control

Project managers will compare project status and progress to the actual plan, as resources perform the scheduled work. During this phase, project managers may need to adjust schedules or do what is necessary to keep the project on track.

5. Project close

After project tasks are completed and the client has approved the outcome, an evaluation is necessary to highlight project success and/or learn from project history.

Projects and project management processes vary from industry to industry; however, these are more traditional elements of a project. The overarching goal is typically to offer a product, change a process or to solve a problem in order to benefit the organization.

Desktop and Laptop Service

On-site component upgrade

We can obtain components from our best dealear in City, getting you the best deal possible. Then, we can quickly and professionally install the component.

Free Computer Consulting

We can offer advices on buying a computer, to suit whatever budget and needs. Also, though partner relation with suppliers around City we can custom build the computer to enable you to get the computer to exactly suit your needs.

System tune-ups & cleanups

Having too many crashes on the computer Then your computer probably needs a cleanup. We can efficiently perform cleanup on your computer, and to ensure that no data is lost, we also backup the data for you. If your computer is going too slow, we can also perform a series of System tune-ups to make sure that your computer is rid of legacy software components, so to get the most out of your computer's speed.

Hardware & software troubleshooting

Having a problem with your computer
We can perform diagnosis on your computer to determine the problem on your computer, and make sure it is up and running in no time. We determine if the problem is a hardware issue or a software issue, so there is no need to worry about the type of problem you are having. You can leave that to us.

New system setup

Most of the time, when you buy a computer from a supplier, you do not have all the software you need to get your system going. For example office applications, photo-imaging applications, and educational software. We are able to obtain software for you and install it. We can also instruct you on the best way of getting the most out of these applications.

Software installation & configuration

If you are not feeling confident on installing particular software, or you suspect the configuration is not correct, we can correct it for you.

Anti-virus Protection setup and support

Computer infections by virus are growing increasely with the popularity of the internet, and the ease in which virus can spread. Installing an Anti-virus program will help in securing your PC so that you will suffer less downtime, and avoid losing important documents.Internet Service Provider (ISP) and email configuration and setup.An increasing important uses of a PC is the ability to go on the internet. Cyber Park Compu Shoppe can advise you on the numerous packages available, and when the decision is made, install and configure everything for you. We can also install software firewall on customer's request to protect your computer against attacks on your computer via the internet .

Spyware detection and removal

Spyware are malicious programs that are installed onto your computer by a third party either by visiting suspecous websites or by programs installed onto the computer. Spyware can log everything you have typed onto your computer, including banking details and security passwords. They can be a source of constant pop-up. They can also cause the system to be unstable. We can remove those spywares and put preventive measures in place to avoid further spyware from getting into your computer.

Data Recovery

We can offer a highly reliable data recovery service at a competitive price. Our chance of a successful data recovery is 98%. We are highly experienced in dealing with any loss of data. We will be able to offer you more details regarding data recovery during the callout.

Smartphone and Tablet Technical Support

Smartphones and tablets are ever-present in today?s tech-obsessed landscape. We use them for everything from taking photographs and videos, to word processing, surfing the web, banking, playing games, researching, reading, emailing, GPS and maps, making video calls, chatting, texting ? even talking on the phone! Even though these devices have only been in the world for a relatively short period of time, many of us can?t imagine a life without them. It has replaced our address books, and in many cases, our tablets have replaced our desktop computers entirely, with robust processing power that can take on just about any task we need to accomplish.

With so many possibilities and so many ways to use these devices, the process can seem quite complex. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with everything that your smartphone or tablet can do, let us help you get to the heart of the matter so you can get on with what you do best. BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS to Us can help with any smartphone, tablet issue or question you might have, including:

  • Software and app updates
  • Configuration of your settings
  • Setting up and configuring system and app notifications
  • Optimization and management of device storage
  • Organization and customization of the home screen
  • Security and anti-theft settings
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Hands-free device control
  • Moving or restoring data
  • Cloud storage and backups
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Connection and control of smart home devices and apps
  • Camera and microphone settings
  • Errors and crashes
  • How-to?s for many popular applications
  • Shortcuts and cool tricks


Security Solutions

CCTV Systems

We carry professional CCTV video surveillance cameras, DVRs and even wireless camera systems to help you monitor and secure your home and business.

Fingerprint Scanner

The network-enabled fingerprint scanner can be used for door access control and as a fingerprint scanner module for attendance management system (AMS) and other software applications. It is suitable for office, building, factory, hotels, hospitals, banks, defense etc.

Q Management System

All the customers are given a token number by a ticket dispencer and the tellers press a function key on their keyboard to call a customer. Since the system uses a computer on a network

Burglar Alarm Systems

Choose a burglar / fire alarm system that's right for your home or business. We have a wide assortment of alarm control panels, keypads, sensors, motion detectors and fire & smoke detectors to suit every need

Voice Solutions

Intercom Solutionsp>we offer a variety of video and audio intercom systems to meet a facility?s specific needs. Selections are dependent on the size of a facility and the number of entry ways needing to be monitored. We offer a lot of brands including the best and finest selection in the industry from Analog to IP Systems, Audio/Video Systems; (Panasonic, HikVision and Dahua). Our systems are wired by cable for better network security and for a more reliable connection. And offers a wireless connectivity for cost saving systems.

Sound System Solutions

If you are looking for a world-class sound system installation in your property . Choose commercial audio solutions for your sound equipment from a range of top brands available , with its wealth of product knowledge and many years? experience, is supplying commercial sound equipment to installers of background music (BGM) and public address PA systems.

We have the expertise to advice on all aspects of your sound reinforcement. In addition to amplifiers, loudspeakers, microphones, home theater systems, mixers and music players, we supply and install all kind of sound systems. If you need advice on suitable equipment, our system design service can help ensure you meet your design. We will help you build your perfect sound system! Discover the line of home and portable audio systems and component and experience high-quality audio and elegant style at home, on the go.

Telecom Solutions

Communication is very vital for our businesses as well as our day to day activity. Telephone System is a fundamental means of communicating in our home and office environment. Your office can enjoy a quality digital or analog phone system from Panasonic, Avaya and Grandstream professionally installed by our technicians. Whether you're looking for 2 phones or 200 phones. At BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS , through our highly trained team, we will provide all the service that you need ranging from Voice and Data Wiring.

In our modern connected world, communication network is an integral part of many offices. Understanding this, we offer voice and data wiring services to companies and residential customers, offering Cat 4, Cat 5, and Cat 6 cabling, as well as fiber optic cable. As technology moves on, you will need to upgrade your wiring to handle higher data speeds and higher quality phone calls. We provide wiring upgrades, retrofitting wires, and clean ups to clear away older wiring that no longer works.

Enterprise It-Infra Solutions

Brain Tech Solutions provides the best network solutions for setting up and maintaining from small to large scale of business.We provide a range of network solution from the LAN/WAN Network, Routing and Switching Local/Wide area. We deal with expert technologies such as Voice over IP (VOIP), Network security and virtual private networks (VPNs) to access your network, we always make sure the deny infrastructure unauthorized access. Also, Network management via internet remote on site management is very useful. Our networking for the Server/Host supports the major operating environments.Thus,wireless Networking Access strengthen the signal in the major geographic regions. Voice Network is a key for application process(PBX). We also provide a cloud computing service and the protection of servers on the internet and secure access from anywhere in the world.Virtual server, storage (including SAN & NAS), active directory, email system, back-up data, and disaster recovery design.

On the other hand; We can help plan and review wiring infrastructure and create a stable and efficient foundation for your network and phone system.We install computer network wiring(Cat5 & Cat 6), phone wiring (digital & analog), 25 pair trunk cable, and Coax. Installation includes everything; all cable, jacks, termination, & testing.

Brain Tech Solutions provides customized structured cabling plans with the ability to expand, upgrade and reconfigure your wiring needs to meet current and future business demands.

BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS provide a wide range of Enterprise solutions for Server and Storage needs, Virtualization needs, Network Solutions, UPS and Cooling System Solutions, Support your IT-Infrastructure. BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS also provide Implementation and Services. BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS has enough IT-Skilled line up with approved certifications taken from principals to implement, install and configure your server and storage, Virtualization platforms, UPS and Cooling System, and Network Products. BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS is committed and ready to serve, support and implement your enterprise products anytime.

Web Solutions

Brain Tech Solutions offers cost-effective and top quality web design, web development and logo designing provided by our expert designers and developers. In addition to our premium services we will make your website reliable 24/7 with our domain and hosting services.

With our web services, you get: - SEO(Search Engine Optimization), your website showing up on the first page of Google search or any other search engine is the most important thing in today's web business. We all know that no one goes beyond the first page of a search engine be it Google. Building a website for your company and hosting it gives your business web presence. But your website showing up on the first page of Google search or any other search engine is a different thing. At BRAIN TECH SOLUTIONS we will give you that edge, there by boosting your web presence trough search engine optimization(SEO). Our track record speaks for itself.

Web Designing was Brain Tech Solutions's field, it has helped reputed organizations and institutions design highly professional and appealing custom websites. We believe in creating not just superior web designs but web identities. Our designers aim to make your presence felt on the web through attractive and user-friendly websites. We provide exclusive and personalized web designs, ensuring all international standards are adhered to. Our web designs are compatible on all browsers, they also perform very well in search engines.

ERP & Cloud Solutions

Custom ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software has a strategic value for your business. It can exceedingly help you streamline processes across manufacturing, procurement, services, sales, finance, and HR management. To be a truly efficient tool that brings expected benefits, the ERP system should be customized in accordance with your specific business requirements.

There is hardly any company that is not aimed at advancing its product development process and minimizing time to market. Software product development process implies the deployment of a set of features tailored to meet certain needs of a specific market segment. Software product development solution allows companies to introduce considerable advantages into their business, obtain significant results and make substantial advances. Companies are now able to noticeably improve and add to their time to market, quality, expenses, productivity, and other business drivers. Reliable software product development company can guarantee complete customization and quick and smooth market entry.

Cloud Computing ? Solutions

Cloud platforms capable of cloud computing are being increasingly utilized by different firms to boost their overall productivity. That?s the reason why businesses in India choose a cloud computing service that will eventually help them boost their overall productivity. Enterprise data of businesses in data is now stored on cloud storage devices. This helps to secure enterprise data and keep them free from security vulnerabilities. An increasing number of businesses based in India are embracing cloud solutions to derive the plethora of benefits associated with cloud computing. Cloud is a paradigm that enables enterprises to operate more efficiently and cost effectively, offering you the benefits of responsiveness, scalability, and cost-efficiency.

Brain Tech Solutions?s cloud computing services in India are designed with strong IT Infrastructures that provide a wide range of cloud solutions for your business in India. In addition to delivering cloud computing services to raise organizational efficiency we also offer an IT deliver model that helps you respond to the changing business needs quickly and efficiently.

Email Solutions

Business Email Solution

Minimize Cost And Complexity With Powerful Email Solutions

Email is critical to your organization. It?s essential for communication, crucial to productivity and indispensable for retaining valuable corporate information. When email isn?t working, neither is your business. Which means you need email solutions that keep your system up no matter what.

Managing email effectively requires email solutions with comprehensive security, archiving and continuity capabilities. You must protect email from a growing number of sophisticated threats, manage email archives for fast search and retrieval, and successfully maintain access to email during planned and unplanned outages.

For email solutions that reduce the cost and complexity of managing your email system, consider the leading email management services from Brain Tech Solutions

Stand out from the competition with your own branded you@yourdomain email address.

Our email packages allow you to access your emails securely from anywhere in the world via web or mobile.

Mobile App Solution

Mobile app development indeed nowadays necessary for all the business. We, as a mobile application development company can provide high quality standard mobile app of any category. We have worked with diverse brands, organizations, start-ups and individuals to create powerful apps from excellent idea.

We create a top notch user experience for startups and enterprise level mobile applications for iOS & Android that build business.

We don't just build (the app) & forget - we devise a Product & Brand strategy, we understand your audience before crafting the perfect UX/UI and while our coders are busy bringing your app to life, we prepare you for the post launch phase by creating a marketing strategy utilising growth hacking techniques that only the best are aware of.

Wifi Hotspot Solution

The aim of the hospitality industry is always to offer best-in-class services for their guests. Management always runs an extra mile to achieve the satisfaction of the guests. Moreover, it is observed that properties like hotels, malls, resorts, schools, collages, hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops and motels etc. have become popular destination of choice for travellers, visitors and students needing instant access to Internet to surf internet and stay connected to their office or family. Internet in these places is one of the key factor which helps in achieving the satisfaction and loyalty of the guest. Internet availability in the property is a basic amenity in the guest?s check list. Hoteliers are in need of comprehensive solution that manages uninterrupted high speed internet facility, fair distribution of bandwidth and unified billing system, to offer smooth Wi-Fi/ wired Internet services to guests for meetings, conferences, seminars, events etc.

Offers the most comprehensive and unified Internet billing as well as bandwidth management solution for hotels, malls, schools, collages, hospitals, company accommodations, restaurants, coffee shops, chain hotels and any public place where you want to create hotspots for internet access.

hotspot internet billing software solution is highly flexible and user-friendly solution for single and chain of hotspots such as hotels, malls, schools, collages, hospitals, company accommodations, restaurants, coffee shops, chain hotels and any public place. hotspot billing solution is designed and developed specifically for hotspot segment where users need hourly, daily, weekly or monthly and yearly based plans to surf Internet. The hotspot billing solution helps you to create different types of time based internet plans which can be further attached with prepaid vouchers for your users.

Security & Firewall

Security and Firewall Solution

Data security is vital for most businesses and even home computer users. Regardless of the size of business, it?s your obligation to safeguard your business data from any security breaches. Security is often overlooked by most enterprises. In a networked environment, it is more important that the data inside the network should be strongly protected from the outside attacks. The best way to provide security is to implement firewall for your networks.Considering the risks within a network environment firewall for office is mandatory irrespective of business size.We offer network& firewall security . Firewall refers to a network device that scan each incoming and outgoing traffic over the network and take measure to block viruses, spams, spyware, malware etc?The firewall security block the spread of these malicious attacks. As the attacks are increasing, you can secure business data network and security with the firewall. Today hackers are looking for all possible ways to intrude into your system and get the things hacked. If you are seriously considering about the network security , then it is time for your business to protect with the appropriate firewall options.

Once you have decided to implement a strong firewall for home office or firewall for office network it is worth to get the system installed with a reliable security provider. As a leading security solution provider in Kerala we have the expertise in providing comprehensive firewall security with the leading brands such as the Fortinet, SonicWall firewall and other brands. With a reliable security in place, you can stay focused on other aspects of your business. The advanced scanning features and options make these firewalls next generation firewalls that are able to deal with wide range of threats. Hence with these products your business do not need to suffer any more with regard to security threats. With the experience to providing security solutions, we can set up Firewall for small office network . The gaining popularity made the business of all kinds to accept these advanced firewalls as an advanced safety measure.

The advanced firewall has the following features

  • Identify and control applications
  • Prevent known threats
  • Block unknown or targeted threats
  • Limit unauthorized file and data transfers
  • Web content filtering
  • Scan for viruses and malwares in applications
  • traffic monitoring
  • Network security made simple
  • Effective utilization of the bandwidth
  • You can get the firewall at reduced costs
  • Identify bot infected hosts
  • Control web surfing

Open Source Customization Solution

Brain Tech Solutions is a leading Open Source software development company in India that offers PHP application development services to its clients in India & across the globe. Our proficiency and experience in developing PHP applications has enabled us to deliver and implement solutions that include dynamic websites, e-commerce applications, and intranet applications among others.

Our PHP development team is brilliant and versatile in the use of the Linux ? Apache ? MYSQL ? PHP combination to deliver realistic business solutions in record time. We cater to both small and large companies offering a range of solutions using PHP and open source technology.

PHP Development is all about core expertise in LAMP. The professional team at Physivert is capable of delivering leading PHP development solutions for your business and enterprise needs. With thorough experience in developing hundreds of PHP based projects, we have the ability of delivering robust and scalable PHP applications to enhance your web presence.

An Open Source System is an Software Application, where source code is available for modifications, customization and Integration as per your requirements. The Open Source Application provides a framework which can further be customized to build an application to suit different individual?s requirements.