Bombay Drawing Room

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Khar, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400053

Founded by an Artist, Bombay Drawing room is a initiative that fosters fun and non judgmental environment that inspires everyone to enjoy the process of creating.

Shed the anxiety that you may feel about “making mistakes” and replace it by a relaxing creative time.

It will be a novel and memorable experience for many as you may not have touched the paintbrush since school.

Bombay Drawing Room was created by the vision to encourage creative expression in everyday settings.Art is a spontaneous expression that resides in all of us & must be provided with a creative outlet. It is a great equalizer and is enriched by diversity. For many of us who do not explore our creative side is simply because we never had a chance to.

We hopes to share our joyful experience and passion for creating through Bombay Drawing Room by curating spaces and interactions that catalyze expression and forge new friendships in a relaxed & non-judgmental environment.

Past Events by Bombay Drawing Room (1)

Art Jam
Art Jam
05 - 05 Jun'16