Speaking of the most retail chain in furniture globally, BoConcept has over 260 sales divisions in 60 countries.

Urge at heart Desire and perseverance are the two words that drive BoConcept from designing, leading to management to make urban customers more modernized.

Products Range:
BoConcept offers furniture and accessories customized to meet the needs, coordinated to provide the most developed product designs and affordable offering complete value for money to their customers.

BoConcept Outlets:
To decor interiors, BoConcept stores and studios are the best places to seek advice. With utmost skilled designers, they simply take pride with the extent of services and knowledge they extend towards their users. With the first store established in Paris, 1993, BoConcept has been meeting customer needs via BoConcept Brand Outlets in high traffics regions and with studios for other parts of the country.

Responsibilities Towards Ecology

The best part about BoConcept is that they respect each customer expectations but without harming the ecosystem. All of their outlets strictly follow their Code of Conduct to maintain the same quality all over. Based in Denmark, they apply their Danish contextual to meet customer expectations in terms of quality and environment protection.

With an immense 60 years of experience tenure, they even put great stress in selecting their suppliers to keep product quality intact. Besides, their users also stays comforted with the fact that neither the production manufacturing nor its usage harms the environment at a great extent.

Mission & Values

Our vision, our mission and our core values guide us in everything we do at BoConcept. These statements are not just words on a page - they are acted out every day by BoConcept employees around the world.

  • Our vision
  • To make BoConcept no. 1 brand within urban interiors.

  • Our mission
  • Through passionate and persistent performance we make customised and coordinated design furniture and accessories affordable to the urban-minded customer.

  • Our core values
  •  Respect!
    Always show you care

    Think smarter
    Always look for the better solution

    Play the team
    Always use your freedom responsibly

    Love city life
    Always know what's going on