Meet the Team

1. Owner

Bobby Mukherji

Principal Architect

Bobby Mukherji has a simple philosophy. Say nothing. Let your work speak instead. And it has.

With nothing more han a simple dream, Bobby joined the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai He spent his days at university and his nights designing his friends' homes. They urged him to start his own firm, and he did. While still in college, BMA was born

On graduating, he joined William Leeds Architects in New York. And it was here that he tasted success for the very first time. His work for 'Spruce' won him the 'Best Restaurant Design' award by Esquire magazine. Suddenly Bobby was a name to reckon with. He couldn't understand what the fuss was all about, He had only designed a restaurant.

Soon thereafter, his design a 15,000 sq.ft. healthcare facility for Oxford Health Plans in Bronx, New York state, that got him the 'Best Healthcare facility Design' by the American Institute of Interior Designers. And that's when Bobby decided it was time to head home.

Back in India, he set up a small team. Working out of a tiny office, he soon landed a project. One that got noticed. And got people talking. Bobby on the other hand, remained silent.

Soon his clientele included eveyone from retailers to airlines to corporate houses to educational institutions to private residences to recreational properties. But the feather in his cap was Sahara Amby Valley - India's largest independent ultra modern township.

In spite of being awarded with the highest honours in the industry, Bobby remains grounded. For him, it's just like doing what he always did as a child. Playing with building blocks. The only difference, these are real.