Binayak Tex Processors ltd are renowned as specialist in polyester fabrics and printing /dyeing cotton . The company has acquired a prominent position among the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers Textiles in India. They availed Home Textile Fabric in the market and known as a single destination providing assortment of high quality. They are engaged in several sectors such as Institutions, Hotels, Railways, Hospital, and Home Furnishing through supplying, manufacturing and exporting Home textile Fabrics. Certain paradigms of excellence in the market are set by them and yielding the products and services of high quality. Home Textile Fabrics offered through them is help to enhance the luxury of homes.

They are in the same field from 46 years of past and have the experience of completing client requirements & attaining client satisfaction. They are also known for the Cotton Bed sheet Suppliers and Kitchen Apron Exporters in India. They have achieved an edge among the competitors.


They are equipped with advanced technological tools and machineries for the production of quality products availed at competitive prices. Print up to 60 inches in width and 12 colored designs produced by them through their strong infrastructural base. They have produced up to 3 lacks meter per day.  


  1. Preserve Customers trust in the Company: Clients' trust is the main ingredient for sustainability and reduced competition. Thus they will continue do their utmost to cater to their client's needs.
  2. Keep their employees Smiling: A business is a team effort and for it to work successfully all players need to be enthusiastic and smiling.
  3. Keep their stakeholders invested in them: They understand the importance of the bottom line growth in the financial statement for their investors. As a result they strive to grow their bottom line during growth period and maintain it during recession.


Maintain their Mission: It is easy to start and end projects. The challenge is to maintain a project in the long term. Consequently their vision is to maintain their mission for the foreseeable future.