Bihar Buildcon Expo Patna, India, February 2014

With the change in the socio-political scenario and the improving socio-economic condition, Bihar has today joined the league of the fastest growing states in the country. It had an unprecedented growth rate during the last few years, thus catching up with the all India average. As with previous years, the economy has grown primarily due to high public investment. However, a major shift has been registered in the thinking and investment pattern of the people of the state.

For years, Bihar was ignored by the major market players, including top industrialists, investors and business persons. But thanks to the initiatives taken by the government of Bihar and its people that Bihar has surfaced as an important state as far as investment is concerned.

Pace of activity in Building and Construction Industry happening at a rapid pace leaves little time for keeping track on the product and technology development. Reducing construction time, saving costs and energy and use innovative materials and adopting new methods in construction are the watchwords which industry is looking for.

BIHAR BUILDCON 2014 EXPO has been launched as a platform for showcasing, interacting, networking and understanding of the latest innovations and technological advancements. BIHAR BUILDCON 2014 EXPO is a platform for the products & technology suppliers to the building and construction industry to showcase their latest offerings in a focused manner with an opportunity to discuss, explain and demonstrate their new innovations in person to the professionals in the building & construction sector.

Bihar Buildcon Expo Patna, India, February 2014