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Big Cinema

Location: Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

Project Work Status: Proposed Projects

For an enterprising prospect like Big Cinemas, Arris developed a form-based abstraction. The forms and geometry was so evolved, that repetitive yet organic layering of contours made an interesting combination for the concessions. The final design is an amalgamation of most basic elements; though its resulting character is inclusive of all its basic characters. The resulting design possesses a very dynamic form which is in constant motion, which remains in motion irrespective of any factors such as any creed, time, dimensions etc. Its layered complexity-simplicity brings about a constant radiation of energy through it; and channelizes it to its receiver and his imagination. Likewise for Mysore Cinemas too, 2ftx 2ft squares with rhombic panels, extending upward and tilting on one edge upto 7 forms an interesting development. Internal lighting makes for an interesting play of light and shadow. Speakers are camouflaged between demountable acoustic panels.