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Toilet (Water-closet) is the most important fixture in bathroom that is used first than any other else. . A bathroom consists of many units that have their own impact and importance.. A bathroom space can be completed with a beautiful, geometric in line or minimalist toilet. Bidets besides toilet will provide you more hygiene and health benefits. For more comfort health faucets can be added. Jet sprays, straight sprays, bidet shower or hand-held bidet attachments provides a convenient way of cleaning the genitalia. more

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Bidets are primarily used to wash and clean the genitalia, perineum, inner buttocks, and anus. Traditional designs may also be used to clean any other part of the human body, such as the feet. Despite appearing similar to a toilet, a traditional bidet may be more accurately compared to a washbasin or bathtub. Bidets may serve as a practical way for couples to prepare themselves before sex, as well as to rinse themselves afterwards.

Some bidets resemble a large hand basin, with taps and a stopper so they can be filled up; other designs have a nozzle that squirts a jet of water to aid in cleansing. They are not necessarily meant to replace the use of toilet paper. Often they are used after some paper to achieve full cleanliness without immediately having to take a shower.

Historical antecedents and early functions of the bidet are believed to include devices used for contraception.[1] Bidets are considered ineffective by today's standards of contraception, and their use for this function was quickly abandoned and forgotten with the advent of modern contraceptives such as the pill.[2]