Bernhardt Furniture Company Inc. has earned its place among the top furniture companies in the United States ever since its inception in the year 1889. The company, headquartered in Lenoir NC, continues to be privately owned by the founding company, and staying true to the fine tradition of exquisite craftsmanship and business standards that it has come to represent.

Bernhardt Furniture Company presently runs seven facilities in NC along with six Asian offices, which together employ in excess of approximately 1,000 associates. Moreover, it owns a 75,000 sq. ft. showroom in High Point NC, which has helped it in cementing its place as one of the top furniture companies in terms of annual sales worldwide. The collections from this stable have also won multiple Pinnacle Awards for awe-inspiring product design, while its excellent corporate performance has received a nod through AHFA’s Environmental Excellence Award.

Case Goods Limited Warranty

Bernhardt Furniture Company provides the best quality wood products and offers a warranty of up to 5 years considering any defect in materials used or workmanship related to the products under normal use and service. The company pledges to repair or replace all such products that happen to possess or develop such defects, and even arrange for financial remuneration in case such replacements or repairs are not possible. However, the certain components of the wood products may not have the five-year warranty offer from the date of initial shipment by the dealer, while the company does not authorize any person or entity to create any other obligation or liability in connection to any furniture apart from what is put on offer by Bernhardt. Moreover, the wood products referred to here categorically include Bernhardt Case Good products with upholstered beds and dining room chairs being part of that description sans any limitation. However, the term Wood Products must not have any implication in a direct or indirect manner for any of Bernhardt's Upholstery products. The products listed and displayed in printed or web form in Bernhardt Case Goods Product catalogue are the sole items in this category.

The warranty provided by Bernhardt Furniture Company applies strictly to normal residential usage and does not cover any damage resulting from any negligence or misuse, lack of proper care and maintenance, accidents, exposure to any chemical or liquids, using the proper for purposes not meant for it, and commercial usage. Commercial usage includes using it any non-residential setting including commercial institutions or renting it out. Moreover, any damage caused during transportation and delivery does not fall under the warranty conditions. Any difference in the natural colour of the wood, as well as, its grain character with the products displayed on catalogues is due to the use of naturally viable raw materials for their construction. Therefore, such differences in the wood, as well as, as the mineral and stones are not defects but expected variations in natural raw material. Any exposure to extreme temperature and direct sunlight can cause changes to the colour changes and surface damage in wood products, which this warranty offer does not cover. This is in addition to the natural colour changes in lumber and veneer products not covered by the warranty. Moreover, the warranty cover over several components such as stone and mineral to be free from material and workmanship lasts for a year from the date of initial shipment to the dealer. In addition to that, the natural characteristic of the crotch mahogany and several other such highly figured veneer used possess the natural characteristic of causing hairline cracks over time due to the pulls and tension on the wood fibre. However, this does not fall under the warranty cover because it is considered as an enhancement to the product.


Bernhardt Furniture Company provides warranty cover for a period of one year from the date of initial shipment to the dealer for all fabrics, leathers, cushions, and other filling materials applied to their wood products against all defects in material and workmanship.  However, protectant or treatment applied to the fabric/leather by any person or entity other than the manufacturer automatically voids the term of the warranty. Moreover, damage caused due to improper cleaning also results in termination of the warranty. Leather is a natural material, and no two hides can be identical in terms of colour or consistency. Therefore, any colour variation in a product in comparison with the one displayed in the catalogue does not fall under the warranty. Moreover, piling is a natural characteristic of fabrics and does not come under any warranty. Similarly, wrinkles, scratches, healed scars, and insect bites are natural markings that are not flaws demanding a replacement during the warranty period.

Washed Fabrics

Wrinkles, puckering, and shade variations occur because of washing, and this natural changes happening to any fabric is not any defect that deserves remediation through the warranty offer. Moreover, the television lift mechanisms, power supplies, and various other component related to electronics does not come under the general terms of warranty, since their manufacturers warrant them separately. The warranty provides protection only when the purchase has been made from an authorized Bernhardt dealer. Moreover, the original date proof of any purchase of any item seeking warranty cover must accompany any such complaint along with a brief description of the defect in writing. The warranty provides specific legal rights to the buyers along with certain other rights varying from state to state but they stand only for residential use and become invalid the moment any of the items covered by the warranty is put under commercial usage. Moreover, the warranty does not cover products bought with "AS IS" tag or as floor samples, any perceived difference between printed illustrations of products and the product at hand, difference between the floor samples and bought item, and marble items because marble is a natural substance no two of them being completely alike.

Upholstery Limited Warranty

Bernhardt Furniture Company's residential upholstery products imply only those items categorically included in its upholstery catalogue and does not include the case good products that includes upholstered beds and dining room chairs without limitations. Moreover, this warranty covers products only under normal, personal use, and terminates in case of commercial use or recovering of the frame since this process results in replacement of some or all the components of the frame. In addition to that, the warranty does not cover damage due to improper use, accident, abuse, improper shipping, and handling. Minor differences in the appearance of the products with the display in catalogues, or the floor samples do not come under the warranty coverage. Finally, the warranty stands for the designated period starting from the date of initial shipment to the Bernhardt Authorized Dealer.

Frames and Springs

Bernhardt warrants against manufacturing defects of springs and frames for seven years to the original retail purchaser.


Bernhardt's warranty covers any abnormal loss of resiliency to the upholstered furniture for three years for the original retail purchaser. However, it does not cover normal wear such as the flattening or foam and fibres.

Filling Materials

Bernhardt provides to its original retail purchasers warranty against loss of resiliency of filling materials for three years. However, this does not cover compressing of polyester since it does not constitute loss of resiliency, and periodical fluffing up is the natural course of action to maintain any upholstered furniture.

Sleeper Mechanism

Bernhardt's warranty covers against manufacturing defects for three years to the original retail purchaser.

Reclining Mechanism

Bernhardt's warranty cover manufacturing defects of the electronic parts of reclining mechanism for two years and black metal, non-electronic parts for three years.

Air Mattress

Bernhardt's warranty covers manufacturing defects of air sleeper mattress for three years and air mattress pump of a year.


Bernhardt's warranty covers manufacturing defects and loss of foam resiliency of innerspring sleeper mattress for five years, excluding cover, but does not cover softening of foam under normal condition.


Bernhardt's warranty extends to that provided by fabric suppliers, and does not provide cover against wrinkling, shrinkage, colour fastness, wearing quality, and other such properties not guaranteed by the upholstery fabrics manufacturers.

Washed Fabrics

Wrinkling, puckering, and shade variations are natural result of washing which may provide a softer and more relaxed appearance to the fabrics and not considered as damage covered by warranty.


Leather is a natural product, and natural markings such as wrinkles and scratches do not constitute damages to come under warranty coverage. Moreover, Bernhardt's warranty does not cover wearing quality, wrinkling, shrinkage, stretching, and colour  fastness since manufacturers do not guarantee their products for these factors. Moreover, application of fabric protectors not authorized by the fabric manufacturer terminates the warranty, while minor differences between displayed and actual products are also not eligible for remediation. Customers need to furnish the original proof of purchase along with a brief description of defect while claim remedy under the warranty coverage. However, Bernhardt will not be responsible for the transport cost from the customer to the dealer of the defective or damaged furniture, nor will it remain responsible for the transport cost to and from between the dealer and factory service centre after the lapse of two years from the date of initial shipping to the Bernhardt Authorized Dealer.