Berlia Electrical Appliances are a result of wide research and development and fault free workmanship. The designing and manufacturing have been done with the needs of the consumer in mind. Particular care has been taken that air delivery of any type of fan is not adversely affected when the supply voltage is down. No compromise has been made with respect to cost and the best raw materials are used. Each component is tested minutely under quality control measures. Life tests are also performed regularly for important sub assemblies.

Production Facilities and Quality:

Berlia Steels Pvt. Ltd. is situated in Delhi which manufactures fans under the brand name "Berlia" established since 1992 with sensitive equipment and highly trained workforce, Berlia also produces with intermediates control such as super enameled copper wire, stamping and other components. Manufacturing process is highly mechanised and utilizes efficient modern equipment's, modern testing lab, air delivery chamber, suspension system, moisture proofness and high voltage testing equipment etc.

Growth and Performance:

Berlia fans are provided dynamically balanced blade fitted with ISI mark motor and registered with D.G.S. & D., New Delhi for supplying ceiling and exhaust fans of Govt. & Semi Govt. organisation. The growing enquiries from the foreign buyer.