My approach to a design is characterized by fluid and ever-changing reflections that follows the universal dynamics of the hermeneutical circle. It’s based on the interpretations and limitations of the context. My designs factor in my previous design experience, parameters, restrictions and most importantly the client to generate a parti, an initial metaphorical projection of pre-understanding. I try to design for the client and in such a way that there is constant dialogue between the architect and the client, each affecting the other in various ways, leading and influencing the final design of the building. This leads the design to progress and clarify as it continually revised in the light of the constant and evolving interpretations of the parameters leading to final design that is unique and catered to the user.
Personal Details
Flat F, Third Floor, Springwood Apartments, No. 6, Ranjith Road, Kotturpuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India - 600085

Phone:044 24471172/044 24474794

Owner: Benny Kuriakose