In order to provide sanitation to the country Mr Rajendra K. Somany created Hindustan Twyfords in the year 1960. The Company collaborated with a UK company Twyfords Ltd. Along the years the company has grown to a high level and crossed many milestone. The Company has step benchmarks for other industries. Along the year the Company saw the nimble sanitary products being shifted to more hygienic, robust and sophisticated china ceramic. The Company also witness market dominance with other company products like home retail and container glass. The Company comprises brands like Benelave, Hindware, queo, AGI Glasspac and Evok Home Retail Solution.
The Company has developed along the years and grown respect from their customers. The company pays special attention to customer satisfaction, quality control and product innovation. The wide network of its deals and suppliers helped the company to grow more respectable position among other peers and consumers.

As the Company holds a greater position through its products like bath fittings and sanitary ware, the building products and Container Glass products have claim success on the international market. It not only holds a profitable place but also is the most preferred brand internationally. HSIL is among the top 300 companies over Indian and rated among 100 medium and small companies internationally.

The Company is the first one to get awards like OHSAS 18001 certificate and ISO 9001, 14001. It has also awarded for environment and quality management system. In 1962 it received the first ISI License in India. The key factor that separates the company from other companies is that it provides innovation to the end of the delivery. Innovation can be found on every product and they are made in such a way that they can fulfil the demand of their customers.


To enrich quality of people?s lives by ensuring that they live in a clean, hygienic and healthy environment.


To co-create a world, with courage, integrity and inspiration, where each of us can live a better, cleaner, nourishing life.


  • Enable people to perform and succeed beyond their capabilities.
  • Pursue growth and learning.
  • Build open and honest relationship with the customers.
  • Give critical attention to eco-friendly ideas, products and initiatives.
  • Warranty

    The Company has successfully established a trust-worthy service among its customer for delivering high quality products and good service. It has two main criteria which should be known to the person who will buy a product from the HSIL Company.

    Warranty: If any product is found defective then the product will be repaired or replaced with a new one. Products will not be replaced if:

    1. Faulty installation or accidents, agent's misuse or negligence

    2. Improper maintenance of the product

    3. Aggressive cleaning chemical, Lime-scale or dirt.

    4. Illegal alternation

    5. Wear and tear.

    The warranty is not valid for parts or products that doesn't have original HSIL parts and repaired by unauthorised person. The warranty excludes products like rubber components, hoses and other consumables. If there is any amendment then the warranty is invalid. The Company will not be liable for any accidents or misuse of the product and no greeter amount will be paid by the company than the original price of a defective product. The customers have to take the risk and cost while returning the defective product to the Company. Within seven days of purchase, the detachable coupons have to be mailed to the company in order to avail the warranty. There is only one year warranty on products like health faucets, sensor faucets and showers.

    Customer Guidelines: In order to install the product properly and to know more about how to use the product, the users need to follow few guidelines. If any installation process is proceed without reading the guideline then it may damage the product. The warranty is not applicable if any product is damage for any improper installation. These guidelines are provided by the company. The guidelines are as follows

    1. In order to have a smooth flow of the water the pipelines have to be straight as much as possible. Small bends can cause the low pressure of water hence resulting in dissatisfaction.

    2.The supply lines should have vent pipes. The vent pipes helps to remove air from the system hence improving the water supply.

    3. 25mm pipelines should be used rather than using 20mm pipelines. This will allow enough space for the water to flow quickly and smoothly.

    4. Before fixing the tiles the pipelines should be tested properly with high pressure of water to identify any blockage.

    5. Cleaning of the aerators should be regular to have the foam flow of the water.

    6. The outlet point on the tank should be place 25cm above the ground of the tank. This will not allow the foreign particle to flow in from outside. The tank should be properly clean before the supply begins and it should also be cleaned regularly after the installation.

    7. To remove stains and scaling the fittings should be cleaned properly with chalk or soap powder. It is recommended that not to use any detergents, this may damage the chromium finish of the products.

    8. Usage of acids or strong chemical is strictly prohibited. A soft cloth can be used to clean the product and also to maintain the painted finish of the product.

    9. In order to protect the product from any dirt or stain, the product should be covered with a small piece of cloth. This should be removed after the installation process or at the time when the product is put to use.

    10. A distance of 165mm should be maintained between the hot and cold inlet. The wall mixtures of the company can be used to mount the pipelines inside the wall.

    11. Only buy products from HSIL authorised dealer to have the genuine product of the Company.

    12. Genuine spares can be found from the authorised stockist in case of replacement and repairs.

    13. Follow the installation manual provided inside the boxes of each item. Without it corrects installation process cannot be obtained. Incorrect procedure of installation can damage the product.

    14. Make sure that every product has the Benelave logo which proves its authenticity.

    15.For service and technical assistance contact the nearest HSIL dealer, area representative or the branch office.

    16.The sieve should be installed properly to prevent any intrusion of foreign particle. This sieve is provided with every product of the company.