For about six decades BEGA is producing good quality luminaries for architectural ground. The light brick is a trademark of the Company for about 50 years. The Company is a reputed company and many building companies trust their product. The Company has its own quality level which determines the quality of the luminaires. The products produced in the company are not only good in look but also are efficient.

The outdoor luminaires are built in such a way that it can withstand heavy weather condition. It is exposed to dirt, temperature and weather condition. Compared to other luminaires the products of this company are customized to withstand harder physical stress condition. The Company learns from experience and it also grows itself during the process. The Company develops their very own method to build luminaires. Every day a new approach is made to develop the product. New designs and category of product is produced every day at the Company. The learning process enables them to have a clear concept of the luminaires and hence produce ways to develop the product further.

The luminaires should be able to tackle harsh condition. Hence the luminaires developed in this company meets the demand of every architect which leads to the reputation of the company. The lighting demand of every company depends on the type of architecture. So, the Company designs light according to the purpose. Every product is given a special attention and special care is provided to meet even the minute demands of the architect. The product claims to last long and provide quality. The Company follows a simple idea. It thinks that architecture shouldn’t be appreciated during the daytime, as it is clearly visible, but also at the night. With these luminaires the architecture looks more promising at the night.

In the past few decades, our luminaires have received many national and international awards for good product design. In connection with our products and our brand name, there is frequently talk of a distinctive brand identity. We believe that this results from our conviction that our luminaires have to meet the highest standards in the fields of lighting  technology, workmanship and usability, durability and aesthetics. This means that our luminaires must carry out their function and remain timeless in terms of design, even after decades. 
The past has shown that in this way we have created many successful products which have  become classics in their era and have developed into models for the entire lighting industry.  Numerous awards have acknowledged our work and accompanied our company history from 1952 to 2010.

1952  Foire Internationale de Luxembourg 'Medaille d'Or 
          (a gold medal for BEGA at its first trade fair abroad)

A number of awards followed for the exemplary design of our products as well as for the excellent appearance of BEGA design. 
Here is a list with some selected awards:

1967  National Design Centre London 

1968  Industrial Design USA 

1968  Scandinavia Lighting Fair Gtebor

1968  Annual competition "Grafikdesign Deutschland

1983 Corporate Design - Industrie Forum Design Hanover

1989  State Prize of the Federal State of North Rhine-Westphalia 

           for Design Management

1992  European Community Design Prize - Expo 92 Seville

1995  Gold medal for advertising motifs, Federal Chamber of German Architects, Berlin

1997  iF product design award: Best of Category 

1997  iF product design award: Top Ten 

2004  iF product design award: Silver Award

2007  iF product design award: Gold Award

2008  iF product design award: Gold Award 

2009  iF product design award: Gold Award (twice)

2010  iF product design award: Gold Award