B&B Italia based in north of Milan, started its journey in 1966, and has operated from its current headquarters designed by R. Piano and R Rogers since 1972. The company has become leading Italian name in the field of design furnishings, and has made the ‘Made in Italy’ brand more widespread in the international market. Moreover, the company has played a pioneering role in bringing a managerial approach to the corporate organization in this sector, hitherto dominated by family-run handcrafting ventures.

The company has created a successful recipe by combining creativity and ingenuity with technology to produce design furnishings for both home under B&B Italia Home Division, and contract purposes under B&B Italia Contract Division. The modern furnishing products from the brand display extraordinary skills and flexibility to cater to the evolving requirements and living habits of the clients. Moreover, the eternal elegance and exceptional quality of the products have telling signs of innovation, research, quality and creativity written all over them.

B&B Italia has created a distinct place for itself on the internationals scene by displaying the highest commitment towards quality and innovation in both the verticals that it operates in, with two brands B&B Italia and Maxalto in home furnishings, and B&B Italia in the contract sector. The company has achieved this by maintaining a strong R&D centre, which has enabled it to incorporate unique features into its products for catering to the varied demands of its clients. This has made it possible for B&B Italia to join the prestigious Altagamma Foundation, which serves as a converging point for the Italian companies of international repute that express the Italian culture and style in product and corporate management for the upscale range of the market.

Quality That Stands The Test Of Time

B&B Italia has been creating benchmarks in the sector in terms of durability of its products, and all the upholstered models from the brand enjoy a 10-year guarantee for the frame. In fact, the founder of the company, Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, pioneered the use of polyurethane foam moulding technology, which revolutionized the production of upholstered models. The production technique involving filing of steel frame polyurethane by cold injection after sinking it into the mould has helped in guaranteeing higher quality constantly over the years. 

Products That Are Valuable In Time

The company has always believed in the philosophy of creating products that will stand the test of time in terms of quality of design and construction, as well as, that of materials used and its usability. This has led to creation of impeccable products, which have environmentally sustainable as well.

Constantly improving industrial knowhow, combined with products that last for years has made them highly environment friendly, since they do not require various recycling and disposal operations every few years because of their durability. This cutting down on the frequent use of industrial recycling and disposal operations actually translates into saving of energy, emissions, and materials. 

Design And Functionality That Stand The Test Of Time

B&B Italia has a dedicated R&D team, which is always on the pursuit of developing innovative materials, as well as, production processes that are environmentally sustainable. However, the respect for the maintenance the environmental balances bourns out of not compulsion but principle. Moreover, B&B Italia has always collaborated with leading international designers to come up with products that have not only proven to be durable and long lasting in terms of functionality and quality, but have also been exquisite aesthetically.

"On 18.12.1997, B&B Italia obtained its first Corporate quality system Certification for the lines of Upholstered Furniture and Furnishing Accessories with Certificate N' 118 I.C.I.L.A./C.I.S.Q.

B&B italia then decided to adapt corporate organisation to obtain the quality certification for all its proprietary factories, in compliance with standard UNI EN I.S.O. 9001:2008..
Hence, the implementation of a corporate quality system..
The priority and essential objective of said quality system is to apply, update and consolidate the overall rules established by the company to protect customer satisfaction."