Bathroom & Kitchen Expo Mumbai, India, May 2015

The Bathroom and Kitchen Expo will be held from 22nd to 24th May 2015 at Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The exhibition provides a platform for leading Indian designers, builders, developers and architects that deal in kitchen and bathroom industry. Here you will find innovative products never seen before, top brands, ground breaking technologies, and state of the art facilities all under one roof. You will find industry experts, players and qualified buyers under one umbrella. There are various reasons why this exhibition is organized each year but the primary reason is to interact with more and more clients and customers, creating awareness about the products getting feedback from buyers, visitors, clients, Indian builders, designers, architect, who wants high tech products in India so that they can satisfy their customers need and requirement.

Indian consumers are demanding, now-a-days. They want innovation in terms of design, quality, functionality and technology. Another reason is the purchasing power parity and incomes of people.

About Bathroom & Kitchen Conference

Topics and Contents
  • Design & Innovation What are the latest design trends in international markets in bathrooms and kitchens? What are the customers looking for? New business models, materials, technology, solutions
  • India's Total Sanitation Campaign the world's largest sanitation initiative.
  • Manufacturing What are the latest innovations in processes, materials and technology in manufacturing of kitchen and bathroom products? How modern technology is being increasingly used in kitchen manufacturing
  • Business Management How can your business be improved in a fast growing competitive environment in India? What are the challenges and opportunities for international brands in India? Sales & Marketing: what are the strategies and tactics that will help your business to grow ahead of your competitors?
Bathroom & Kitchen Expo Mumbai, India, May 2015