Bandhini Home is a home decorator Company. It has exclusive designs of items to choose from. The Company designs luxurious furnishings which create wonders in the house. The products sold here are range from bed spreads, decorative cushions, throws, bed sashes and accessories. The Company has its own collection of items from where one can custom select what they want for their house. The collection includes colours, texture and style. One can select different designs available in the catalogue and have their own dream house.
Imagination: The Company consists of people who are open to the world. They take up designs across the world. The Company is rich in imagination as it gather its inspiration from the diverse culture around the globe. The employers then develop a designs which fits to the environment of the house. This design is a mixture of the world heritage and modern designs. No matter how different one’s taste can be, the company have variety of designs for everyone.

The People: The Bandhini Home was formed in the year 1980. The organization is now run by Karan Narain and Sharan. They took the organization to a whole new level as they have now access to the global network. The Company has its own website called which nearly distribute their products to different countries. Sharan has a background of private banking in the Indian finance house Religare. Karan also has a background from Real Estate corporate Colliers. Karna manages the design work at the company and applies new ideas to it.

The key incident in this Company are the craftsman who dedicated their work to the company. The Company consists of great craftsman coming from the cottage industry. Their work are innovative and is consider to be the backbone of the Company.