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B&B Electronics
B&B Electronics

Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Area: 48000Sqft

Client: B&B Electronics

Site Area - 16500 Sqft

The Project was a complete refurbishment and extension of an existing ground floor structure. the site is located in " Electronic City " NOIDA and the building function was suppose to accommodate an information technology organization.

The Design of the building was developed as an assembly of functions, each represented in an isolated form. This overlap of multiple functions creates a mosaic of open and closed spaces; it is this disposition that enables closed functions to interact with open spaces thus enhancing the quality of the work environment.

The external aesthetic is developed using the same principles of form, it is further overlapped with glazed and solid surfaces as per orientation to maximize light and view and minimize solar gain. The graphic resolution of the glazing is an attempt to express the building function. The Glazing is a Bitmap "graphic representation of text" thus wrapping the building in information.

The building has four massive cutouts on all corners going till the basements. These cutouts support natural light and ventilations, thus making it a usable workspace.


Structure - C S Bhandari.

Electrical - Integral Design

Plumbing - Satish Vishwakarma & Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd.

HVAC - Design Centre Consulting Engineers