Balaji hardware was founded in 2007 by Mr. Mahesh B Patel. The company was started with a small team of 10 people with a mission to grow into a prosperous and successful company in the hardware industry. Today, with over 80 employees and our 90% in-house production team, we have been able to deliver premium quality products and better output to our dealers. Our employees enjoy a healthy work environment with each of them being fully insured against any kind of work related accidents and unpredictable dangers. 

Presently, we are dealing in architectural hardware, white metal and Stainless Steel. Each of our product is individually inspected for any defects or manufacturing errors. Our high quality products and consistency in satisfying client’s expectations has helped us gain more clientele through reference and praise. 

We are having a vast dealer network sprayed across fifteen different states in India. Our extremely talented team of experts uses its innovation and caliber to launch over 30 products each year. We are having hundreds of products including cabinet handles, glass door handles, knobs, and main door handles. Our top rated brands Zippo and Jay Aryan are highly appreciated and are leading the Indian market right now. 

Our unquenchable thirst to grow further in this sector and rise above client’s expectation allows us to keep developing new products each year. With hard work and persistence, we will soon be entering the international market and work towards providing even better experience to our clients.