Baker Furniture is a Company where one can find the elegant designs of furniture. The organization is not only famous for its designs but also the service they provide. The quality of the product is even better and one can find their dream designs over here. One can also custom make designs which is not available in the market easily. The Company consists of America’s finest retailers and the showroom of this Company is spread worldwide.

Element Of Excellence

Excellent quality products: The Company designs products of their own imagination. They don't just follow the regular designs of the furniture. One can find innovation at every step in this Company. One can find Designs, Craftsmanship, Material and Finish in every product that the company sell. The Company was original founded by Siebe Baker who made the designs with his own hands. Later the Company was succeeded by his son Hollis Baker. He travelled the world and picked innovative designs. Later he put these ideas into his own work and produced marvels. This is the key ingredient that a customer looks into while buying products from this Company. The eye and the hand is consider to be the backbone of the Company and this also is the cause of its popularity.

Designs: Every product is designed with excellence and one can find a touch of purity in every design. The Company still designs one product at a time and the work of innovation is found in every item. The Baker builds designs with style and international influence, which is only found in this Company only. No other designer designs as good as them. One can easily spot the difference and can tell which product belongs to the Company. The Company selects every item which fulfil the demands of the Company. They pay great attention to scale, ornamental details and proportion. This results in designs which are unique in look and flow with every timescale. Throughout the decade the Company holds notable designs.

Material of the Products: Designs have also searched for materials which are distinct in look and also durable. The selection of the materials is the key factor for this Company. The materials can last a longer period of time compared to other materials. Baker chose materials keeping in mind of individual products. Hence every material is different than the other one. Till date a selector selects material from mills from different mills around the world. It helps the Company to have distinct colour, designs and combination match to every product. This helps them to create a unique look for every design which leads to the token of appreciation.

Craftsmanship: Every product made in this Company is handmade and made individually. A single craftsman is assign to the every product and doesn't move to the next item until the furniture is complete. America's top designers claim Baker to be a honourable Company which has distinct designs. It claims to be the finest custom shop under one roof.  

Carving: The carvings in the furniture is handmade and have unique designs. They are made tactically.

Hand Planning: The Baker still design designs which has depth in them. Every item is individually made at a time and is appreciated by others.

Upholstery: Every design is couture level fashion as they are designed with premium fabrics, basted and hand cut. Remarkable having coils and custom specifics to every designs, resulting a high class product which is district to every other product.

Marquetry and Inlay: Inlay create a attractive design which is very colourful and helps it to be appreciated later when compared to other products. The Baker are the modern master of furniture with skills and practice beyond any other Company.

Veneering: Veneering still is key manufacture of high quality furniture which is dated back to the Egyptian era. It allows designers to use highly figured, volatile wood and expensive materials which is durable and the designs is only limited to the craftsman thoughts.

Finishing Touch: It is the most important part of creating a marvel. The Baker still uses the hand colouring method. The designers use smallish pad and brushes to finish the work. The work is done in a delicate manner and is not complete until the work looks pleasant to the eyes of the designer. This allows the designers to have a clean finish. The hand painting method helps the designer to create a distinct look which can never be obtain by machine finish products. This hand panting process separates the Baker from any other Company.

Gilding: To provide an accent colour the designers use gilding. As the method is costly and huge amount of skill is needed this is not applied by any other Company. Which separate Bakers from other.

Speciality: The Company can produce designs matching rightfully with the environment. They design traditional, sophisticated as well as contemporary designs.