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Bajaj Institute Of Technology
Bajaj Institute Of Technology
Bajaj Institute Of Technology
Bajaj Institute Of Technology

Location: Wardha, Maharashtra, India

Project Work Status: Completed Projects

Cost: Rs.50 Crores

Area: 35 Acres

Client: Shiksha Mandal

Team: Mr.Rahul Sathe, Ar. Daraius Choksi, Ar.V. Noel Jerald, Ar. Srujana Paruchuri, Ar. Sweta Parab, Ar. Shailesh Pathak, Ar.Kanchan Bhat, Ar.Adwitiya Patro And Ar.Abhishek Soni

Built Up Area: 25,000 sqm

This Engineering institute/campus is spread over 36 acres site with a total built area of 1,50,000 square meters. It comprises of 20 classrooms, 38 laboratories, 5 seminar halls, 12 tutorial rooms  faculty offices, student centre, administration block, auditorium, library, workshops and other amenities. Courtyards, central library, an Ashoka pillar, water body, statue and workshops are the major landscape and building elements which ties the campus as nodes of an organic structure. The institute is also well balanced by student and faculty residences on both sides. A lake is created by damming a natural depression in  the site which stores rainwater and also recharges the ground water table. It balances the temperature of the campus by evaporation and serves water requirements for landscaping.