Baaya Design

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If one is looking for an innovation in products then he/she should look into Baaya Design. These designs start from a range of Home Accessories, Culture & Folk art and Skilled Based Consultancy. The craftsmanship and designs stand different when compared to other Company’s products. The name Baaya is derived from an Indian weaver bird. The products are the resemblance of Indian old culture belonging to different decades. The craftsman belonging to this company use the artisan skills to market their products. Nowadays India is moving to a contemporary design rather than following the old heritage. Hence this Company put forward these traditional designs which still remind the people of the old culture. This is also the key factor for its sell. The designs remind the people of their belonging and comfort feeling of Indian culture. They nourish this culture to put forward innovative and unique designs. The Company not only follow the old design but also custom make designs for the new electric and global world. It also has its own range of furniture that fit into desired environment.

The Company nearly follow 32 different types of art form around India. Award winning artists design the products of Baaya Design. One can find the refection of the artist imagination in every product. One can also make custom design products if he/she desires.

Past Events by Baaya Design (1)

An Architecture Conclave
An Architecture Conclave
29 - 29 Apr'16