BAAYA - The Indian Weaver Bird
Baaya the weaver bird is best known for its hanging, womb shaped nests woven from grass and leaves. It stands for distinctive craftsmanship and design. Like the birds nest, Baaya stands for an aesthetically crafted yet functional space.

Baaya is where design meets tradition.

Baaya is a design studio and store, which offers an unmatched range of Folk & Cultural Art, Artefacts, Home Accessories, Art Installation, Art furniture and Skill Based Consultancy Services.

The Baaya store provides a unique experiential environment, which not only showcases the most authentic arts and crafts from across India, but also presents them in the most innovative manner that meet contemporary expectations.

Our indigenous art range boasts a variety of over 40 different types of art from across the country.

Baaya creates customised offering for interiors using the skills of talented artisans from across India.

Social Responsibility

We have a mission to create value and bring prosperity to talented artisans through our innovations and thereby help preserve the heritage of arts and crafts in India.

Shibani, the founder of Baaya has worked extensively with arts and crafts artisans at the grass root level, and with various craft groups across India, bringing their art and craft products to new markets. She is very well-versed with real-life issues involved with the crafts sector. She works with passion for the crafts sector and for talented artisans who deserve to get their dues. Baaya works towards bringing back to life, our Indian art and skills, through innovative design and materials and provide a fair platform for artisans to work in urban spaces with new ideas.

In order to give recognition to the artist, Baaya hosts workshops on Indian art, and cultural traditions that are slowly disappearing from our lives. These help to showcase the artists talent and build awareness about our art forms and their relevance today.

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