Avron Ply is a product of the illustrious banner of SJE Group

Founded three decades ago by plywood master, what started out as just a small retail shop has expanded exponentially under the guidance of Mr. Om Prakash Chowcharia to now become one of the most recognized names in the Plywood Industry. SJE Group today manufactures Plywood & Doors From its two Production facilities and has established a trusted distribution network throughout India.

Why Us

Building It Right

It stands for more than intent. We believe, in order to create something truly beautiful, its important to get the basics right. Unhindered creativity by landscape and interior artists should have the best resources to begin with. Thats why were out to deliver the finest Plywood.

What we promise

All products are a result of intense focus, precision and zero tolerance for the minutest defects, so you get the absolute best. Each ply is crafted to perfect specification and undergoes stringent checks before getting our seal of approval. Double press technology using optimal core veneers, Forge Ply will always stand as a reflection of superior effort and worksmanship.

Sustainable Growth

Building It Right is from the bottom up. We strive to work in harmony with our natural resources in order for us to thrive with it, not on it. Great caution is taken in sourcing our timber and raw materials from environment friendly cultivations only. We take our waste management seriously.

Built to Endure

Every piece has been carefully crafted to endure the elements and the test of time. Rest assured that any creation made from our ply will last a lifetime. Dont believe us, believe our guarantee.


In order to do something great, one needs to seek inspiration everywhere. We wish to ensure that your surroundings are a constant source of inspiration.

Reliability, Integrity & Transparency are our cornerstones which reflect in everything we venture towards. We stand committed behind each and every single product. Period.

Our after sales service and support to our customers & partners is exhaustive in transparency, timely delivery, marketing and after sales guarantee support. Our competetive edge lies in our focus on the concept of Total Quality which is represented by the following


  • Product | Quality Consistency
  • People | Empowerment
  • Integrity | Quality Guarantee
  • Reliability | Timely Delivery
  • Transparency | Customer Centered
  • Our Services

    Plywood is the silent unseen partner in all your interior designs. We get it. You have lots of undifferentiated options to choose from making it very difficult to pick a single product with certainty. What you are looking for is the best deal where you get the best possible product at minimum prices. We endeavour to make that wish a reality. Our product quality is the best money can buy in every grade while the pricing of these products has been kept nominal without any brand premium which most of the big brands do. We believe great quality products shouldnt burn a hole in your wallet when they can be easily be made available at a reasonable price. What makes us different is our focus on the concept of Total Quality which can summed up by the following values.


    We dont just make promises on our product quality, we uphold and stand behind them with utmost integrity. Almost all our products come with Warranty periods including Lifetime Warranty.


    The most important way we can help our partners & customers is by being completely transparent in our working and empowering them with all the information they need to make a smart decision.


    We know our customers have a lot of options when it comes to plywood and therefore the only way we can honor their trust is by making sure we deliver what we promised and when we promised.