The company, Avaids Technovators Pvt. Limited is an ISO certified company was established in the year 1987. We are a committed organization that is engaged in providing the complete lighting solutions to utility industry. We hold rich experience about the domain that has expertly led us towards sophisticated engineering and successful commissioning of lighting system, thus establishing the names proudly in the illumination industry.

Since incorporation, we are providing perfect lighting solutions to our clients spread in India and abroad, which includes a number of Industrial lighting and electrification. The industries to which we are providing lighting have been constantly establishing benchmarks in lighting required by the various industry sectors.

We have carved a reputed niche in providing lighting to the industries that is one of the crucial requirements of today’s technology. Not just lighting, but we also hold specialty in other specializations such as manufacturing of obstruction warning light and control and distribution panels.

Owing to the stringent quality measures, every concept and every conceptualized device of the company is examined. We believe that our every effort is the key to competency and this will initiate every possible step to achieve the materialization of the effort.

We proudly stand high over the pillars of excellence, originality, promise and perfection thus “holding the platform of consistent performance.”

The company is pouring its best in research, production and quality control, to widely expand its wings into vast Indian and overseas market. To keep pace with fast changing technology in aviation obstruction light Industry, AVAIDS is in continuous process to create an aura of latest technology by developing latest models of energy efficient and Technologically Advance Produtcs .

Our core competence lies in aviation obstruction lights. Avaids has made its presence increasingly felt over the last two decades and is accredited with the supply of Aviation obstruction devices across the globe. However, this technological competence has not emerged overnight, it has been learned in a hard way, over a period of time involving mistakes and blind allays as well as success.

AVAIDS guarantees that all matters relating to your project will be taken into consideration to ensure to tailor-made solution exactly suited to meet your needs.

In order to expand their set of connections in overseas as well as Indian markets they are striving to give best in production, quality control and their research. With evolving technologically advance and energy efficient products constantly they match up the pace with emerging technology of aviation obstruction illumination industry.

They have a huge proficiency in evolving aviation obstruction lights. Their supply chain of aviation obstruction devices is growing constantly over the globe since last two decades.

So as to meet the exact requirements of their customers they make assure their client not to be concerned in this regard.


To lead in adapting technology for building fast, high-quality information architectures by researching real-world situations. It's about doing things differently.


Our unrelenting efforts to offer flawless products has enabled us to set benchmarks in quality.
ISO 9001:2008 certification
Confirmation to:
  • ICAO Annex 14-6
  • FAA AC No. 70/7460- IG
  • Weather Protection - IP 65
  • Radio Interference (Radiated Power)- BS 800/EN 55014

Industries Avaids Serve

Being a technology conglomerate they evolve, design and manufacture top notch solutions in Aviation Obstruction Markings with a gamut of lighting and luminary products. They are renowned as the reliable suppliers of Obstruction Warning Solutions across the Asia. Generally they deploy the solutions for Cellular Towers, Radio antennae towers, pylons, chimneys, high rise power transmission cable, cooling towers, chimneys and sky scrapers.

As they are constantly striving in their research and development it puts them among the world's prominent companies offering cutting edge warning lights of next generation, optics technologies and LED technologies.

Their products for obstruction warning solutions are confirmed by the FAA and ICAO standards with the top-notch management capabilities and proven by varied domains such as broadcast, telecom, power, construction and so on.

They are able to deliver their top-notch solutions and products so as to delight their customers across the world including Middle East & Gulf, East Asia, and Africa.

Research & Development

They are constantly striving in research and development and conducting number of application experiments so as to make new growth areas. With the evolution of Obstruction Lights of low, medium & high intensity they also evolve Conductor Marking Sphere of international standard compatibility. Their accumulations of feedbacks lead them towards the new innovations in technologies.

So as to produce the best design they offered customization in the sketch and design of products that best suits to the requirement of patrons. They have equipped with the facilities like CAD/CAM using a computer system network.

Quality policy

With the support of their dedicated team members and production mangers they ensure to deliver the top notch products on time. They procured some products from the leading companies of the country and abroad as well. They in house several advanced technologies regarding quality test of their products.

Safety Policy

So as to prevent health issues or make sure for the well being of their employees while performing operation they are so much aware in this regard. As they believe that safe work practice leads to motivated workforce and better business performance they takes care for the safety of their personnel. They are striving to make sure safety of workers in their premise by:
  • Integration of health and safety related activities.
  • Ensuring fulfillments of all legislative formalities
  • Employees motivation to make sure their safety on workplaces
They applied and follow the policy fairly devoid of any exception.

Zero Tolerance Policy

Being a leading company they understand that a minutest error can create huge confusions. So they make sure that they deliver the products with 100% flawlessness and free of errors.

Quality and Safety Norms

Since commencement, the company has clearly laid out its quality policy, which ensures that the material and workmanship of the unsurpassed quality are passed on to the customer. At our company, the experts have quality plans for material and erection accepted by various power sector clients.

Every project of the company is completely conforms to the norms of safety and quality. The services and the products are provided in adherence with the quality standards so that no neglect or disregard ever comes up. The internal design facilities and our team of experts keep every step in the right shape.