One of the leading installer as well a filtration system provider in India for both commercial as well as well as private industry is Atlantis Pool Solutions. They rapidly pace with the latest trends and requirements and meet out the requirements of modular swimming pools and their accessories. They have added the elegance to the pool water and have made its experience more enjoyable.

They have a better understanding of the advancement in the ideas and the technology which are applied in the swimming pools.

Stern Pools- Readymade Pools:-
Enjoy the ultimate experience of the backyard with the pooling solutions of Atlantis Pool Solutions. By taking the distribution of Stern Pools which is the leading manufacturer in Australia, Atlantis pool Solutions have excelled in this industry. Stern Pools are the latest dominant choice of people which have been made up of readymade vinyl liner to serve the purpose above the ground. They offer long term durability to let your family enjoy for several years.

Advantages of Readymade Pools:
Some of the numerous advantages of readymade pools include:

  • Comparatively economical, convenient and affordable than concrete pools.
  • Easy installation within 5 days.
  • Low maintenance required because of less chemical usage and no algae formation.
  • Covers a warranty of Stern pro rata of 10 years.
  • All the accessories like ladders and lightings are included.
  • Available in numerous shapes and sizes.

Pool Construction:
These pools are generally made up of galvanized sections of steel channels and structural support of steel along with metal wall coated with powder. The interior of these pools including the floor and the walls are completely covered with Vinyl liner which is leak proof.