Roheena Nagpal, one of the proud owners of Atelier and a wonderful Interior Designer as well as business architect of Pune. Her consistency and expertise in the field of Home decor and space planning has helped her in attaining a respectable position in this industry. All your home needs can be fulfilled under this single roof. High end, customized as well as best designer merchandizes are selected by Roheena herself for your beautiful home.

They say, home is where the heart is. We believe, a home is where you sport your signature style and individual taste. And we at Atelier believe every home has a soul of its own. That's why we put so much passion in designing home decor that brings our prestigious clientele a truly international experience that befits their status.

Started in 2008 by ace designer Roheena Nagpal, Atelier's range focuses on functionality with the beauty of aesthetics at its core. We at Atelier, breathe more life into elite homes with our creative range of tailor-made bespoke furniture, furnishings, wallpapers, rugs and bed & bath linen. We aim to bring flavours of the world together to create home dcor that resonates exactly with what our clients desire.

We believe in being a cut above the rest with our elegant, customized products that are crafted to suit varied needs. Perhaps it is this stunning balance between usability and aesthetics that has earned us national recognition and recommendations. The award for the best furniture design in India for the Urbane Chaise - a work of art, ideal for the living room of someone who truly appreciates great design - holds a place of pride for Atelier.

With a great passion for decorating indoor spaces through our niche creations, Atelier makes every corner special by weaving in warmth, style, and sophistication into every home.

The Team

Me and my team work passionately towards creating a dcor solution that gives every space a unique personality. While doing so we try to keep things simple, warm, and close to your heart. From coming up with innovative concepts like the Atelier Home Shopping Catalogue to special gift wrapping, our solutions revolve around an in-depth understanding of needs.

Our Vision

Atelier is a journey, where design is to be experienced, not seen. Your home should be the way you love it. We are here to add value to your life through design, quality and customer service.

Loyalty Programs

Come join the league of connoisseurs and become an esteemed member of the Atelier family. Just like gifting, where everyone deserves a reward of their choice, loyalty cards too must have this flexibility. At Atelier, we have three different categories designed as per your needs for your customers Noir, Brunir and Privileged.