AstralPool  is a brand, which is worldly known as a reference for swimming pool equipment for both residential and for public facilities. It has its distribution company headquartered in Chennai, under the name of Fluidra India. With more than 40 years of experience in the marketplace, AstralPool is a member of the Fluidra Group, a Catalan multinational located in Sabadell, Barcelona, which currently employs around 3.900 people. Since its foundation in 1969, the corporation has specialized in the development of appliances for a sustainable use of water, for its preservation and enjoyment.
They are the biggest world distributor of systems and components for both Swimming Pools and water leisure sectors like Wellness, and counts on an extensive net of offices and company-owned warehouses spread globally. They currently distribute their products and have presence in more than 180 countries. The company owns subsidiaries in 35 countries.

Some insights about Fluidra India
They started operating in January, 2004 as Astral India Private Ltd, although their products had entered the Indian market, via exports or EPCG orders, many years before. The company is the best reference in the country as to big filtration and hydraulic systems for water treatments, complex equipment for the disinfection of the most sophisticated tools and state of the art in the field of swimming pool installment. The member of the Fluidra India, AstralPool has various branch offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore, and one pump factory in Coimbatore.
They offer top quality and reliable products. Some of their projects are designing and installing new and modern facilities for Lokhandwalla Sports Complex in Mumbai and for the Army Sports Institute in Pune. They have also worked for Sahara Co in many installations.