Associate Decor Limited is the leading manufacturer and supplier of both decorative laminates, as well as, the best quality plain, and pre-laminated particles boards to be had anywhere in India. It is a joint venture between the Associate Group and the Kings Wood of Bangaluru, and provides the most extensive range of high tech boards, as well as, splendid surfaces for that most lavish of décor for the interior space. Apart from being the leader in its segment and supplying to customers both in India and abroad, the company plans to diversify into manufacturing luxury veneers, laminated wood flooring, and MDF boards in the future.
Associate Décor Limited makes the best of inspiration of the real world, and creates products of the most supreme beauty to captivate one and all beholding it. Thus, customers can expect to get the most luxurious palette for the finest surfaces they wish to incorporate into their decor.

Associate Decor Limited strives to provide the best quality products to its customers, which are not only stunning in their looks but are durable enough to last long as well. However, the commitment towards following fair business practices does not end there, and the company believes in building a relationship of trust and transparency with every individual concerned ranging from the customers and employees to the investors, partners, associates, and vendors.
The work culture at ADL encourages excellence through individualism, and helps in creating a work ethic that aims to provide value with trust always underpinning it. The value chain that exists here considers all the employees as a part of one big ADL family, and aims to benefit everyone while also celebrating their qualities and achievements as both an individual and a team.

Delivering Value, With Trust.

Vision:The vision of the company and its primary challenge is to create a better future for all individuals associated with it in some way starting from the customers, employees, and stakeholders, and ending with the society and nation.

Mission:ADL strives to provide the most quality products to its customers through continuous innovation, which will always exceed their expectation. It also aims to become the ideal employer by encouraging an environment where it will conducive for members of the team to enhance their performance and reach loftier heights. Moreover, the commitment towards following fair business practices remains, and aims to maximum business returns for every stakeholder to make them proud of their association in an ethical manner. Finally, the product range will continue to grow thanks to pursue of constant innovation to offer the most sustainable and excellent products.

Values:ADL cherishes values such as respect for each individual and the relationships they share with the concern, as well as, commitment towards honesty and fairness without compromising with excellence. Developing leadership qualities for approach and conduct of business, in addition to environment friendly attitude are other values held dear by the company.