Ashka Naik

Ashka Naik

Ashka Naik currently resides in Boston and leads Artha Studios US offices. She recently served as the Executive Director of HEET (in 2014-15), a nonprofit providing clean energy and energy efficiency solutions to the communities of Metro Boston area. Before joining HEET, she was the Director of national programs on climate change at Second Nature, a nonprofit also located in Boston. In her 5-year tenure, she built Second Natures strategic initiatives that empower under-resourced and minority-serving institutions to develop expertise and framework to become sustainability champions in
their communities, and eventually achieve complete carbon neutrality. Before joining Second Nature, she worked as the sustainability coordinator for the Harvard Universitys Office for Sustainability, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Her love for organic, local and sustainable food systems, as well as commitment to clean energy independence, has made her deeply involved in the local sustainability efforts and initiatives. She now serves on the Board of Directors of Lexington Community Farm Coalition, and with her husbands partnership, has converted their home into a 100% solar dwelling.

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Education Details

Harvard Extension School
Environmental Management
Birmingham City University
Master’s Degree, Sustainable Product Design | 2004 - 2005
CEPT, India
Bachelor’s Degree, Interior Architecture/Design | 1996 - 2005

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Ashka Naik