Ashish Kulkarni

Ashish KulkarniAshish Kulkarni completed his Bachelor's degree from SPSMBH's College of Architecture, Kolhapur in 2005. For 1 year he worked with his father's Architectural firm Anand Kulkarni & Associates.To get more international experience Ashish worked in Dubai for 2 years and grasped in field of architecture and interior. Ashish then studied Master of Advanced Architecture in Institute for Advanced Architecture (IAAC)of Catalonia (IAAC) of Catalonia at Barcelona. After completing Master's program Ashish directly joined his father's firm at Kolhapuragain for 1 more year. In 2010 they both father & son started a new firm 'Designex' as partners.Now they both work together with huge scale projects.

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Principal Architect

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Spsmbh’S College Of Architecture, Kolhapur
Bachelor’S Degree

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Ashish Kulkarni