Asha Chaudhary

Asha ChaudharyBorn in the same year (1978) since when NK Chaudhary began this carpet business, the eldest of Mr. Chaudhary's daughters, Asha Chaudhary takes charge of all the US operations for Jaipur Rugs heading the company as the president of JRI, Atlanta. With a unique perspective and outlook to function the industry, Asha has been giving a new light to her father vision, adding to the product line and the customer scope for JAIPUR. Her knowledge of the American market and experience over the years has taken the company to new altitudes altogether. After completing her under-graduation course as Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from Emory University in 2001, Asha immediately joined her father in Jaipur to gain understanding of the business. And since 2005, she has wheeled the company's Atlanta-based U.S. headquarters, growing the scope of JAIPUR's customer base. Expanding the range from just 32 designs to over 600 today, JAIPUR is able to offer the maximum style range in various textures and patterns. Asha Chaudhary's efforts has been such that today the company has moved way forward from just the typical rug specialty stores to over 2000 customers coming from a comprehensive submission of retailers, online dealers, interior designers and individual clients etc.

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Ceo, Usa

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Asha Chaudhary