1. Services

Creating a sculpture at my studio is a creative experience for the students at multiple levels.

The metal sculpture workshop is generally a two hour a day, three day course, starts by taking a tour of the studio, where the students get to see the various sculptures, complete, in complete, under process, the materials, machines etc. next the students are shown a slide show where the basics of sculpture are explained and essentially the transition from 2d thinking to 3d visualisation. The slides also show the various materials used for making sculptures these days, and works of famous contemporary artists.

After this the students are told to design their own sculptures using sketches or just jotting down lines in n the floor with chalk, or sometimes just starting out by picking up the metal itself. Once the thoughts on their designs are in place, the student picks up the multiple pieces of metal, which are in the forms of sheets, rods, straps, and joining them together with the help of welding (done by the elders at the studio).

Encouragement is given to every student to design themselves, to judge what they have created step by step. Since the emphasis is that the workshop is not a crafts class, every student thinks and acts freely, and is only tweaked and corrected on major errors in proportion, if any.

Once the metal work is ready, every student sprays a coat of zinc oxide, black pigment and then finished the same with a metal patina.

2. Awards

ABP Majha Chanel Trophy

IGI Trophy

Jamnabai Narsee Schol Momento

Kuoni Trophies

The Global Sounds Of Peace Award

The Global Sounds Of Peace Trophies

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