Born on 25th February, 1966, Arzan is a qualified Architect from Rachna Sansad's Academy of Architecture, India. Coming from an architectural background, his father being a noted architect; having a well established office since 1954, Architecture was the logical profession to pursue. After graduating in 1991, Arzan began practicing full time at the office with his father. However sculpting gradually replaced his profession. He was happiest in the work shop. Arzan's artistic instincts got the first break when he attended a vacation art class from school, under the guidance of a noted artist Anand Mohan Naik at the late Sculptor Adi Davierwala's workshop.

Working on clay, papier-mâché, and wood, his subconscious mind absorbed the nuance of the medium while also feeling a tremendous drive towards the basic material itself. The scrap, the incomplete sculpture, the tools and books at the Davierwala's workshop, together cast a spell on Arzan.

The desire to start transforming scrap to art form convinced Arzan to learn the art of welding. He achieved this in the late evening at the fabricator's workshop. Arzan's parents Zarin and Architect Rusi Khambatta encouraged his growing desire by buying him a welding machine, grinding tool and a tool room, right in the Parsi Colony to carry out his hobby. With his intial experiments, Arzan adorned his home with great pride. Fortuitously, the works caught the close attention of a close family friend, the late architect Dara Mistry, who bought his first work - The Horse Head " Asp-iSyah " in 1983.

The next major break followed when the architect Noshir Talati commissioned " The Mughal " outside the restaurant Jewel of India, at Worli in 1985. This was Arzan's first Public Sculpture. Arzan stopped using scrap metal for his sculptures since 1996. He now sculpts from metal sheets, straps, rods, pipes and various other sections that are twisted, beaten and textured to give the desired effect.

Arzan's first solo exhibition was held at the Jahangir Art Gallery in 1993. Followed by other exhibition in 1996 and 1999. Since his early works were all out of scrap, he coined the " SCRAPTURES ". This name till date is synonymous with Arzan. Even though new metal has replaced his earlier scrap, the name still sticks on.

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#626, Adenwala Building, Homavazir Road, Parsi Colony, Dadar(E), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India - 400014

Phone:+91 9821232742

Owner: Arzan R Khambatta

Founded: 1985


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