Aruna Ludra's association with CSE began while she was working with Janki Devi Memorial College, New Delhi, as a reader in English. She has now retired, but the institution still remembers her as the pioneer who transformed the terrain of the campus, which is situated in a rocky area. It all started when, on one particular year, the students and the faculty faced a severe water shortage. It was then that Ludra decided to explore the technology of rainwater harvesting. She approached CSE for guidance and initially even financed the project herself. The college authorities were impressed and eventually came forward to support this determined water warrior. Ludra is currently teaching gardening at the All India Kitchen Gardeners' Association.

Personal Details
C-3, Janki Devi Memorial College, Sri Ganga Ram Hospital Marg, Old Rajender Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi, India


Owner: Aruna Ludra