Splendour and chic came together in the melting pot of ARTU’s hearth and created a brand adept in the design, fabrication, and installation of bespoke, luxurious, decorative lighting, and art installations. Whether cut, blown or otherwise embellished, ARTU’s collection boasts of exclusivity and astonishing quality.Our bespoke lighting sculptures, with intense blends of our avant-garde visualizations and light, impose a breath-taking design experience. Each piece is custom-designed to enrich its environment. It may outstandingly rule, contentedly balance, or daringly contrast with the space, depending on the requirement.

The brand was conceived with an unwavering fundamental goal: to create show-stopping pieces of light and art. With this goal firmly in place, we are constantly in pursuit of creating spectacles of light. 

The design team finds inspiration in everything that this eclectic universe has to offer, which when coupled with life experiences give us unique interpretations in the form of lighting art pieces. 

Each creation is a journey, a one-of-a-kind experience, that begins with a thought, an idea, a skip of the heartbeat, which then undergoes an arduous journey of design, introspection, innovation, and soul-seeking, to ultimately arrive at a profound resonance.

The workshop is the core of the brand, where committed artisans are relentlessly striving towards creating inspiring and beautiful lighting concepts.

Fashioning glass and crystal perfectly has always been our surest skill. Every component in the product is the result of top-notch, exceptional manufacturing and dexterous hard work. This distinctive quality is reflected in our custom lighting fixtures making all the difference, offering many different ways of merging light sources to suit any space, limited only by the imagination. 

Our centrepieces are perfectly designed to suit large halls where repetition can be applied to create a dazzling installation. These creations create natural focal points within smaller spaces such as apartments.

A dedicated in-house department takes care of custom-designed jobs and develops distinct solutions. The technological know-how and the high quality manufacturing of ARTU are available for customers and designers to understand and manipulate the behaviour of light in space.Custom designed pieces may involve exclusive ARTU concepts or existing products in new varieties, forms, proportions, mechanisms, lighting implementations, technical specifications or installation features. The ARTU collection includes a variety of products that are conceived to act as open and modular platforms, in order to meet the individual requirements of architectural and functional spaces with utmost flexibility.