Our goal is to create spaces and products that are beyond the pragmatic confines of the current design milieu and mere reflections of our own beliefs. Our studio neither follows the staunch and prosaic ideas of any specific design style nor venerates the radical design approaches untested by time. Our designs undertake the use of smart and sustainable solutions by merging the contingencies of craft and culture, which elevate the intrinsic value of the end product for the community it is created. Our studio fervently challenges the idea of commoditization and standardization of building production at every step of the design and construction process.

In essence, we are a team of aware citizens, who truly believe that our most critical responsibility is to create an alternate vision, where the fabric of our physical world is woven with the deepest respect toward our mother earth, preserving the beauty of its splendid diversity, while advancing our society through sustainable and equitable design practices.

Personal Details
S3/10, Mira Society No. 1, Salisbury Park, Pune, Maharashtra, India - 411037



Phone:020 2426 6440

Owner: Saurabh Malpani