Artectnica is a designing company based in Los Angeles. The company is associated with leading and top most designers of international standard creating inspirational decorative products for different living purposes. Along with that, the skilled and professionally trained designers such as Campana brothers, Tord Boontje and Hella Jongerius they are continuously exploring colorful and vibrant methods to express compelled ideas and bring delight to discover designs for everyday life of customers. The company is truly committed to consider issues of maintaining health and well being of environment for which processes of manufacturing play a vital role.

For environment sustainability, Artecnica uses recycled materials for manufacturing of decorative products. To help in reducing carbon foot prints, the recycled materials are transported in flat packages that are easy-ship. They set up Design W/Conscience in the year 2002. This program is dedicated to the designing and manufacture of products according to the humanitarian needs and principles regarding environment sensitivity. Since, the trade has become globalized immensely therefore village craftsmen and artisans are provided with opportunities to showcase their traditional art and skills in international markets. The talent of these artisans is molded in accordance to the needs and demands of their craft. The main challenge lies in developing the competitiveness of products in order to promote the survival of creative skills and art.