Art Chennai Chennai, India, February 2014

1. To Let the World In: Narrative and beyond in Contemporary Indian Art is a four-part project addressing the work of three generations of artists currently active in India. The project is being directed by Chaitanya Sambrani. The project involves four components:

a) A major exhibition featuring the work of 25-30 contemporary Indian artists. We are hoping to tour the exhibition to other venues in India and overseas during 2012-13.
b) 90-minute film about the work of the artists in the exhibition.
c) Seminar addressing themes relevant to the project (Chennai, 16th-18th March 2012) with presentations by art historians, curators, artists and gallery owners.
d) A book, which combines the fully illustrated exhibition catalogue with selected proceedings from the seminar.

2. Catastrophe: A public art project at Marina beach.

3. Public Installations of large works of art by renowned artists.

4. Chennai based galleries to host special previews of curated shows for Art Chennai guests.

5. Exhibitions by invited Galleries from outside Chennai with VIP preview.

6. Art Conference being curated by Chaitanya Sambrani which has 5 sessions:

a) Session 1: Narrative, art history and the world
b) Session 2: Narrative practices 1
c) Session 3: Narrative practices 2
d) Session 4: Curatorial Narratives
e) Session 5: Leaps of faith: Collectors' narratives

7. Art Residency

8. Auction in aid of The Rotary Club of Chennai's charity initiative.

9. Art Chennai Select Internship Program for Students

10. Art Chennai Student Connect Program. 

11. Video Mapping conceptualized by Sameer Sethi.


Art Chennai Chennai, India, February 2014