A fabulous range of interior décor products are offered by ARRA. To make your living space unique they present fabulous décor ideas.

They procured a wide range of home interior and lifestyle décor products. They promote an extensive range of wall-claddings, wallpapers, wall posters, wall decals and wall textures that are procured from several countries across the world such as USA, Japan, Europe under their brands Essenttia and Elementto.
A chance to present your creativity potential is offered by them to customize it with their unique designs.

They import unique flooring range from Europe including hardwood laminates, natural leather cork, vinyl and laminates. With the collaboration of their partners Travette, Finfloor, Faus and Swissfloor, they bring unique interiors for you.

A constant effort is made by them to improve quality standard and to bring you elegant products that helps you to décor your places with unique interiors.