Arklite Specialty Lamps Ltd was established in the year 1996 at chakan Pune. Arklite is a main producer of specialty lamps which are based on the technology of quartz glass in east and south Asia. They are the only maker of specialty lamps that incorporate mercury UV curing lights of medium pressure, Graphic craftsmanship MH lights, UVQ germicidal lights and floodlighting MH of high wattage lights in India. Arklite additionally give water disinfection system, Metal Halide of high wattage floodlighting and accessories of these items.


Main goal of an organization is to offer quality products to its clients. It is an ISO 9001.2008 certified company which capable of developing different range of UV lamps. It develops 6 watts germicidal lamp to 6500 watt pressure lamp that is used in graphic art.

Arklite delivers Metal halide lamps which are used in sport lighting, railway roads and area lighting etc. these lamp deliver output of 220000 per lamp

Innovation & Technology

Concentrate on Innovation has helped them to create market and manufacture wide variety of over 100 kinds of UV lights, from customary to amalgam and HO lamps. Arklite have additionally utilized this innovation to create water free water disinfection from 0.5 CM/hr to 100 CM/hr.

The company has several qualified employees and passionate scientist including 4 PHD and many others with masters? degree that helped the company to produce diverse range of lamps liked by most of the customers.

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