Archidply Industries Limited is the flagship company of the Archidply group. The Archidply Group has been associated with plywood manufacturing for more than 37 years. The Group has grown from a small saw mill in Assam to a modern state-of-the-art manufacturer of wood panel products and decorative surfacing products in three locations, Rudrapur, Chintamani and Assam, with a network of branches, distributors and dealers across India.

Since our inception, we are dedicated to constantly expanding and updating our product range in order to stay ahead of themarket. Our Company offers comprehensive engineered interior products which include
Plywoods - Marine Plywood, Fire Retardant Plywood, Shuttering Plywood, Densified Film Faced Plywood, BWR & MR Plywood, Lamyply  and Lamy board.
Block Board and Flush Doors - BWR & MR grade
Pre-Laminated Board - plain, veneered and pre laminated particle board both in interior and exterior grade.
Decorative Laminates - range from 0.8mm to 1.5mm and post form laminates
Decorative Veneers - Teak, natural exotic veneers, reconstituted veneers, engineering Veneers and dyed veneers.

All the products are manufactured by Our Company in integrated multi-product modern facilities strategically located in twodifferent geographical zones namely Chintamani , Karnataka in south of India and Rudrapur, Uttarakhand in the northern part of India. Our manufacturing facilities have machineries from the world renowned manufacturers of equipment for this industry such as Dieffenbacher and Wemhoner from Germany, Steinemann, and Kundig from Switzerland.

The brand "Archidply", has positioned itself in the premium segment of the wood panel and decorative surfacing products and is well known amongst architects, interior designers and contractors for more than two decades, making it one of the oldest active brands in its product category. The traders across India, including dealers and distributors, have over a period of years recognized the Archidply Group for its quality and fair policies.

Mr. Deen Dayal Daga, Chairman of Our Company has more than two decades of experience in managing wood panel industries. He has been conferred with several accolades which include
the "Udyogapatra Award" from the Vice President of India in 1982 acknowledging his achievement as a self made industrialist,
the "Swatantra Swarna Jayanti Udyog Vibhushan Award" from the Union Minister of Commerce in 1999 for his contribution to the econom  ic development of the country and
the "Melvin Jones" fellowship award by Lions Club recognizing his efforts towards social causes. He was the President of Assam Plywood Manufacturers Association in the year 1995-1996.
Our products comply with quality standards of BIS and International standards of BS of UK, NEMA of USA and DIN of Germany. We have been awarded ISO 9001: 2000 for quality management systems to manufacture and marketing of wood and agro based panel products. Our Company has established independent Research & Development laboratories headed by a chief chemist at our manufacturing facilities. The products manufactured by Our Company are regularly tested batchwise for mechanical and chemical properties before the batch is approved.

Our Company wholly recognizes undying concern for eco friendly environment, continued efforts and worthy contribution to make this planet a safer place.The Company has achieved the distinction of receiving the prestigious BIS Eco mark. Mark certification is conferred only on those rare manufactures who unfailingly observe the most stringent practices to ensure all their processes and products are entirely eco-friendly The very first plywood manufacturer in the Country to be certified so.The Company’s product plywood's and laminates owes to unique "Toxin Check Technology" set to Euro1 standard, result in ultra low formaldehyde emissions.

The Company has got Indian Green Building council – IGBC membership which shall give opportunity to play an active role in the advocacy of green buildings and use their logo in correspondence.

Our Company has set up a large distribution network and operates through 20 marketing and representative offices and 70 distributors and stockists. we have a network of 700 authorized dealers who in turn supply to more than 3000 sub dealers / retailers, giving a pan India presence for marketing of our products. This ensures the availability of our products off-the-shelf in any corner of India.

Quality Control

Our existence in the wood industry for 30 successful years proves that we have stood the test of time by adhering to stringent quality measures. This has been possible due to the companys positive approach in upgrading its laboratories year after year with the latest equipment and tools. Archidply boasts of a state-of -the-art R&D laboratory that ensures that every Archidply productgs has passed through a variety of tests."Not only does the Indian Plywood Industries Research and Training Institute company known as IPRTI use the company's laboratory, but also a team of 50 students from France chose Archidply to study the wood panel industry in India."


Your furniture at home could be poisoning you. The panel with which it is made emits dangerous gases and chemicals that are hazardous to health. Regulatory bodies in Europe & Japan have laid rules prohibiting the emission of formaldehyde beyond the permissible limit of Euro-1 Standard. Presently India has no such regulation in place, but will surely change in the near future. Formaldehyde is used to develop polymers that are important for bond formation of wood fibres in the making of plywood and other related products. But formaldehyde leaves behind traces of dangerous emissions, which make their way into homes, offices and other places, making it hazardous for health.

Social Responsibilties

Our Corporate Social Responsibility goals involve doing our bit to save the environment from Global Warming. We believe in using renewable wood supply to manufacture our products. We use plantation timbers like Eucalyptus, Poplar and Silver Oak to process them into panel products like Plywood, Block Board, Flushdoor and Particle Board.

  • Planted trees are cut in short repeating cycles
  • The wood obtained from the trees is converted to veneers or chips
  • The veneers and chips are processed into panels like Plywood, Block Board, Particle Boards and Fiber Boards
  • Residual wood materials available during manufacture are also used in board processing. Even the broken parts of
  • furniture can be re-processed into a new board
  • Within 5-8 years the trees re-grow to their full dimensions
  • The same piece of land can be planted repeatedly in such short cycles
  • The trees so grown repeatedly contribute to sustained maintenance of ecological balance and sequestration of
  • carbon in and around the plantations

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