Our exquisite range of products includes cobbles, slabs, patio paving, blocksteps, palisades, wall-stones, circles etc., which are suitable for varied applications. Also, the attractive collection of colors and discrete in-house finishing adds infinite beauty to any landscape project, whether it is a garden, residence or commercial area.
We, ARCADIA STONES & MANDOWARA NATURAL STONES PVT. LTD., are the pioneers of sandstone cobbles produced from Bhilwara / Bundi District, Rajasthan. Our journey of producing and shipping the first container dates back to 1993 and since then, in the last 20 years we have envisaged almost all products in the landscaping space and surpassed the landmark of 11,000 containers shipment all over the world.

  • Our groups long presence in the area has enabled us to make strong relationship with workers, mine owners, suppliers, transporters, shipping lines, CFS & other port related agencies.
  • Our factory & stockyard at Bhilwara, Rajasthan is ideally situated and help us transport material from sandstone, limestone, slate & granite mines.
  • Our main strengths vis-vis our competitions lies in our loyal & experienced team, double quality check mechanism (first at mines & second at our stockyard), approx. 200 containers stock level ensuring timely delivery, state of art machinery, surveillance cameras installed at our factory which can be seen live from all over the world and our real time information system which ensures that our clients are instantly updated about all informations.
  • We are a deep-rooted & confident organization, pursuing growth with a commitment towards better quality and competitive prices.

    Mission and Vision

  • We aim at providing high quality products, on time & at the most cost effective prices.
  • We believe in complete customer satisfaction & consequentially long term relationships.
  • We assure & promise utmost integrity in all the affairs & always try to pursue better understanding of our client's requirements.
  • Our vision is to take the quality Indian natural stones to each and every corner of the world and in the process, build a network of trusted and satisfied clientele.

    Ethical Trading

  • We being the beginners of this trade in the area, assume a lot of responsibility in issues like child labor, illiteracy, health related problems & environment. We keep records of all the workers & their age thus controlling that no child is employed. Also, we pursue the parents to send their children to school & not bring them to work place.
  • We are also associated with Xertifix & Stone Welfare foundation in Europe.
  • Recently, we have made a charitable fund, which is funded from the profits of the company. The management of the fund looks for deprived children & sends them to school.

    Our Team

  • Our prime asset is our intellectual, qualified & experienced personnel filled with zeal & dynamism and sharing same vision & values as our organization. Most of our team is working with us for more than 10 years and understand the product and our commitment to right quality and timely delivery.
  • Our administrative staff is also competent & educated, thus giving us edge in prompt & accurate communication and other office work.


    We are highly quality conscious and never compromise on the product quality to merely match the price.

    Our quality is controlled at three levels-

  • At the time of sourcing raw material.
  • During unloading of raw material at our factory.
  • When the final product is being packed into the crates or loading of loose cobbles.

    The following quality parameters are followed by our quality control team-

  • Correct Size Within the tolerance limit allowed.
  • Color selection as agreed with customer.
  • Surface Evenness of the surface in case of natural cleft stone.
  • No Chipped Edges.
  • Sturdy packaging.


    We understand that as the stones have to travel miles through rough seas before a customer gets his hands on them, it is essential that they are securely packed to surpass all the harsh treatment and be presentable when it gets to customer hands.

    The objective for good packaging are-

  • Safety of the product when being transported
  • Ease of handling
  • Pleasing Presentation
  • Branding
  • Protection of the product from the elements in the long run

    Following parameters are followed while packaging of material

  • Qualities of wooden crates are closely monitored.
  • Crates are stuffed and fixed properly so that stone does not have movement within the crate while traveling and does not have any breakage till it reaches to the customers hands.
  • Container is properly lashed & fumigated (as per ISPM - 15 standards) to avoid troubles at client's end.
  • Every crate is labeled with all relevant information regarding product and order, so that every single crate can be traced till the end-point of use.

    Information System & Live View

  • We believe that one of the key to growth is transparency. In the era of high service standards, accurate and timely information can be as vital as the product itself.
  • We have dedicated a separate desk for this work, so that our clients have all the information about the orders placed i.e. status of production, photos of processing, packaging, dispatch, stuffed cntr etc., logistic details for ETA at POD, invoicing details etc. The clients do not have to ask these information but can simply log in and know all this on a real-time basis.
  • We have installed several high zoom cameras in our factory for safety & inspection purposes. This enables us to view & check material movement, processing & packaging from anywhere in the world. Its also available for our clients on request.


  • We keep an average stock of 150 to 200 containers ready at our yard, which increases the speed of delivery when the order is placed. This comes handy for us as high dependency on labor and erratic working pattern can otherwise make deliveries of small traders quite inconsistent.
  • The regular sizes in all product categories are produced all though the year & stock is built up. This enables us to accept orders of large projects & keep our delivery time commitment.
  • Our more than 2 decades of working experience makes us acquainted with which sizes, products and how much of ready stock to keep, to enable a smooth flow of delivery in the season-time of our valuable clients. This is all the more important as season in Europe is so short and nobody would like to be out of stock when customers come to buy.
  • The delivery time of any special sizes for a particular projects are calculated realistically & with conviction, thus avoiding inconvenience & penalties.

    Factory Tour

    We have 27500 square meters of land bank at Bhilwara, Rajasthan. It is ideally situated and helps us transport material from sandstone, limestone, slate & granite mines in the most economic & regular manner.

    Average ready stock of 150 to 200 containers at our yard, helps us to deliver fast and with conviction.

    We have state of art machineries at our factory, giving us advantage of in-house processing and absolute quality control.

    We can proudly say that we have one of the most well-managed stock of paving in North-India, which we could like you to come & assess.

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