Arancia is bringing a complete range of modular kitchens Focussed on Indian Requirement of the Customised Kitchen. The brand is launched by Evershine Olive Group which has been involved in the modular kitchen industry since last 15 years.
Today, the Evershine and Olive Group is a name to reckon with in the modular kitchen industry. Driven by passion and steered with unflinching professionalism, the group has earned laurels by ensuring finest quality standards in each of its products.

The true strength of the group lies in its competent management, with has successfully foreseen the future of the industry and set the group on the path of rapid success. With keen focus on addressing the needs of the Indian households in the best possible ways, the group has invested heavily in state of the art European manufacturing facilities that is capable of meeting tough demands. The group has maintained high levels of quality of the raw material used. After ensuring the excellence of the products, the group focused on establishing pan India network of proficient and enthusiastic dealers.

After successfully achieving deep penetration in Indian households with its premium range of modular kitchens, the group has gained significant understanding of the needs of the kitchens in Indian homes. Leveraging this expertise, the group has developed Arancia Kuchen, an exclusive range of modular kitchens.

Global quality at Indian prices is the major differentiator for Arancia Kuchen. Today's modular kitchen industry is India is highly polarised. Those who want global quality and appeal for their kitchen, usually go for imported modular kitchens, or for the ones which are replicated on the lines of the imported ones.

But as they are designed to cater to very different, especially European cultures, they fail to satisfy the specific needs of Indian households, that too after spending a lot on them.

Arancia Kuchen is designed to bridge this gap, while ensure finest quality.

Offerings from Arancia are not just at par with its global competitors, they often go beyond them. And with that, they are designed to suite very distinctive Indian needs.

Yes, Arancia Kuchen has created waves in the so far stagnant market of modular kitchen, as the entire range is designed with keeping Indian consumers in the focus. The offerings are not just stunning in looks, but they also lend unmatched ease and functionality, as needed by Indian families.

As they come with the assurance of Evershine and Olive Group, one of the most trusted names in Kitchen Components and hardware. Arancia Kuchen proves to be the best gift a family can give itself.


We will achieve our vision by pursuing Cost, Quality & Customization. Further, we will keep on upgrading our state of the art European manufacturing facilities, strengthen ties with suppliers and expand market reach by establishing network of franchisee partners, who are already involved in modular kitchen industry.


To be market leader in the modular kitchen industry by providing international products customized for Indian requirements and affordable to masses.


At Arancia Kuchen, we follow the simple dictum - quality of a product promotes itself in the best way.

We place utmost importance to uncompromising quality by ensuring flawless characteristics of the product aspects. Made with passion and fortified with precision, Arancia Kuchen reflects our commitment to the buyer.