Ar. Vaishali Kawalkar

Ar. Vaishali Kawalkar

Mrs. Vaishali Kawalkar is a person with vivid views toward's architecture, design, art and planning, apart from all, she is a brilliant motivator, a successful home maker and, always with a smile on her face.

After completing her degree in architecture from LAD college of architecture from Nagpur Maharashtra on 2001, she started working with many big names in Nagpur. Finally she moved to pune on 2003 and start working here with many firms as senior architect and finally end up with SOVEREIGN ARCHITECTS on 2004. With 10 years down the line, she had successfully handled various projects starting from interior to Huge projects and companies like DLF IT park pune and GOBIND MULTI TRADE COMPANY. But, even after so many years of practice, her search for designs doesn't stop with a hope to design the best for her clients. As at Sovereign Architects, we believe "WE DESIGN YOU"

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Ar. Vaishali Kawalkar