Ar. Rajesh Shenoy

Ar. Rajesh Shenoy

Ar. Rajesh Shenoy completed his graduation in Architecture from Sir. J. J. College of Architecture in the year 1976. In the fourth year of Architecture he had the opportunity of working with Ar. Charles Correa on the town planning design of New Bombay. After graduation he worked as an Architect in M/s. Karamchand Dodeja & Co.(Architects) and later joined M/s. Raheja Builders to handle the Municipal Laisoning. He joined Ramnani & Associates as a partner in 1984.

With an experience of over 35 years in the field of Architecture, he has succesfully completed scores of Architectural as well as Interior Design Projects. His work is more about producing well-designed living spaces with maximum utilization of every inch. His down-to-earth and hands-on attitude earns him the respect of the tradesmen on site and his patience is commendable.

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Ar. Rajesh Shenoy