Nikita Oak

Nikita OakMr. Nikita Oak, Director, born in 1959, is an Architect, Urban Land Manager and Urban Designer. He Graduated from C.E.P.T. Ahmedabad (1983) A.I.T., Bangkok (1990) , and Pratt Institute, New York (1995) respectively. Over the past twenty five years he was associated with Prof. Benninger for eight years as an architect at the Centre for Development Studies and Activities (CDSA), Pune.

He has worked in New York for 16 years teaching CAD to architects as a part of Continuing Education program and working in various firms as an Architect, Planner & Urban Designer, on Healthcare, Education, Hospitality, Retail and Residential projects of varying scale. This included design; space planning, preparation and coordination of deign development, construction documents and tenant improvement packages. Coordinating between, clients, contractors and consultants. Making presentations before local bodies, including local government officials, elected representatives, local residents and community representatives.

He has been taking Architectural Design Studio classes at BNCA, Pune. He has also taken Design Studio classes at MMCA, Pune.

At CCBA, he brings his experience of problem solving with design related issues, due to his extensive diverse background, excellent computer, analytical, organizational and management skills to develop & maintain architectural systems and processes that would result in the evolution of a more meaningful design.

Education Details

Asian Institute Of Technology (Bangkok)
C.E.P.T. Ahmedabad

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Nikita Oak