The changing of the environment is the main challenge for the scientists as it is getting polluted day by day as the technology is shifting its gears. But, you can hold the environment as bring it back to the normal stage with the help of Aquel. The company has promoted some well designed with water fixtures with western upgraded technology that helps it gain a long life. This very design is the latest trend of the modern India as it has some advantages which separate it from the rest.

Aquel, the water plants machined by this company comes with some really good architecture which fits under one room with all of its stages. Being equipped with all the modified and advance technology, the operation and the process is covered with some intelligent mechanisms. Coupled with the most modern hi-integrated Inspection methods and procedures and Testing equipment's provided Aquel a long longevity, efficiency, an endurance and a trust, which is earned with a long experiment and a superior uncompromised quality of water equipments.

The engineering and the architecture is the main key to success of Aquel as it is one of the strong points about its products. With the experience in producing complex components and assemblies for Automotive, Space crafts, Locomotives, Thermal Power, Heavy Earth-moving Equipment and Machine Building it is always the trusted one to the customers. For this reason, it provides an extra point for the company to produce such wonderful water equipment's and pumps all over the globe.

Among all the company in this business, Aquel has the reach beyond everyone. According to the current survey, it shows that the company has touched most people with their delighted service all across the globe. The fascinating machinery and the advance technology it brings in its pumps and water equipment's brings efficiency and a great level of Safety measures in their lives.


The main raw material behind the products is brass which is measured intelligently with Aquel Brass Castings corrosion resistant elements, which helps in provide a better service. Else the Rubber Seals and 'O' Rings used in this are always to be no toxic and anti-bacterial as well. So, Aquel is always the perfect product one should be looking at. 


Now there are some commitments which Aquel follows in their guidelines, like:

  • Aquel main issue is to save the water, save the energy and as well as the Government wealth. Thus o provide so it provides a complete solution of no wastage of water and it resources.
  • It promises the customers prominent and convenient and efficient water supplies.
  • The technologies used in Aquel are like Quarter-Turn Ceramic Disc Technology, thereby reducing water wastage by at least 5 times compared to Full-Turn Faucets and Mixers. Hence AQUEL Faucets and Mixers are not manufactured with Full-Turn Concept.
  • The raw material it uses in making the products helps in save about 30-40% of the water wastage which reduces the cost of the customers.
  • Some of its models provide Ultra-Low Flushing Systems are designed with self-aligning & self-guiding "Metal Slider Piston Cartridge" with unique "Anti-air Locking Cylinder Design" with unique, positive sealing & easily serviceable "Sealing Adaptor" which makes them renowned for an Efficient, Consistent & Reliable Discharge with every flush: Mono Flush - 6 Ltrs
    Dual Flush - 3 Ltrs (Half Flush) & 6 Ltrs (Full Flush).