As many people belive in searching, they believe in finding. Some people believe in good quality, some in low price. Zenith defies a traditional logic of both ideas. But at Aquant, they are giving rise to products of new range which encapsulates both ideas without insulting particular one.

Their premium sanitary ware products, stone basins, showers, shower panels and other allied products are of Mumbai based brands. The founding members of them ensured that every process is carried out with impeccable precision by using their tiered and tested methods, learned over two decades of experience in this field with their more than 300 dealers in over 20 cities.

With the policies of high quality, the best customer service, excellent reputation and reasonable prices to the mutual benefit of their company for their clients, they operated their company. Features of their products which distinct them from the competitors of same:

  • The Attractive and innovative product designs of them are often first of its kind in the Indian market.
  • sProducts with their superior quality.

Standard that redefines the luxury by defying it, today they has become same. They aspire for satisfying hundreds of customers with the resulting bond of trust associated with their brand name Aquant.